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Synonyms for mellowness

kindheartedness through maturity or old age

a taste (especially of fruit) that is ripe and of full flavor

the property of a sensation that is rich and pleasing

Related Words

a soft shade of a color

geniality, as through the effects of alcohol or marijuana

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While "Hotel California" might sound great all polished and re-mastered on a CD, Strachan says its the old LP records that have that distinctive mellowness that can really pull a listener in.
Concerned by among other things, Mourinho's capacity to create friction, the Premier League champions from the past two seasons would have preferred his newfound mellowness. Supporters meanwhile are right to be anxious whether west-London represents his first choice.
Opening with a lively fanfare on the trumpet, this was followed by Dunn with a solo lyrical cadenza echoing the opening theme, before the second theme was introduced, bringing out the higher range of notes from the tuba and its mellowness of tone.
But he has a mellowness and vocal heft that filled the hall powerfully.
In what I rank as the best debut by a female director since Aparna Sen's 36 Chowringee Lane, Shinde imbues a majestic mellowness and an unostentatious glow to the story of Shashi's coming-of-age saga.
That is the kind of moistened mellowness the rains produce and one tends to dive deep into oneself.
Wellington, July 5( ANI ): Newly appointed New Zealand captain Kane Williamson, who is only 21-year old, showcased his mellowness by claiming that he would lead the Kiwis in his own way.
This alteration in the casting of the main character works quite well in favor of the narrative as Neeson endows his Alfa-male character with the qualities of a weathered experienced hunter in combination with a sensible vulnerability and mellowness that enrich his authoritative and assertive efforts to unite the men while attempting to guide them to safety.
He said in the interview that the new mellowness also came in part from realizing "It (performing) is not a blood sport.
If these emotional developments feel too cardboard, there are compensations in Jonathan Levine's direction, whose overall mellowness feels at one with Adam's nice-guy passivity.
It thickens and becomes reddish with age, but improves in mellowness, even if kept as long as ten or fourteen years.
In a society that is dominated by instant messaging, speed-dating and Sky News banshee Kay Burley, maintaining one's mellowness is no easy task.
'Seasons pass', say Fargher and Dooley, 'it is never winter forever; there is never endless sunshine nor perpetual sublime autumn mellowness. So too adolescence passes and it would be very sad to have missed out on all it has to offer you as a parent' (2010, p.xix).
In both poems we could mention a series of places where the mellowness and elegance in detail is not just admirable but even pioneering.