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a cell in the basal layer of the epidermis that produces melanin under the control of the melanocyte-stimulating hormone

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pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC), and the melanophore darkening effect in Anolis.
In situations where non-lethal levels of toxicants or pathogens are present along with high temperature conditions, it is possible that the cumulative impacts could result in a loss of melanophore control, stress related illness, and subsequent death even at temperatures below 28.0 degrees C.
Arena uses its CART, Melanophore technology and other proprietary technologies to better understand GPCRs and to more efficiently and effectively identify compounds that may lead to new drugs.
The only fine features detected on the head when the holotype was drawn were melanophores, indicated as dots in my drawing.
Melanophore concentrations in eyes can be clearly observed, air bladder is completely formed, anus is forming, fin rays are forming and melanophores are apparent in dorsal part of head and body (Figs 1D & E).
The internal dorsolateral series began just anterior to the anus and was spaced regularly with about one melanophore per myomere until termination at a point even with the dorsal midline series.
In Vitro reconstitution of fish melanophore pigment aggregation.
Early-flexion larvae have a few faint melanophores located dorsally on the head and nape and a single melanophore on the isthmus (Fig.
The melanophore clusters, responsible for creating the distinctive "spots" first visible in the late stage embryo, gave the impression of prominent stripes along the dorsolateral region of the body trunk (Fig.
Genetically, the strain is characterized by two homozygous recessive mutations in the connexin 41.8 (cx41.8) and microphthalmia-associated transcription factor a (mitfa) genes, which are essential in melanophore development, resulting in the TLN strain (Lister et al., 1999).
KIT encodes a growth factor receptor that is expressed in the precursor of the melanophore. It plays an important role in the multiplication, migration and survival of melanophores.
After incubation with drugs treatment for 1 h, the melanophores with different levels of pigment aggregation was evaluated by cells counting under an inverted microscope (Leica, Germany) and the extent of pigment dispersion was scored as aggregated, partially dispersed, or fully dispersed according to the melanophore index (M.I.) described by Hogben [31].