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a unit of resistance equal to one million ohms

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Many tables for solvents are labeled resistivity, but are in units of megohms (resistance).
Initial contact resistance of 10 milliohms maximum, insulation resistance of 100 megohms minimum, and dielectric strength of 3000 V rms between terminals and frame.
(Seminole, FL) has patented a gel formulation combined with a fungicidal concentrate which is a liquid mixture of about 1.2 to 16 ml parts by volume of ultra pure water having an electrical resistance of 16 26 megohms, total dissolved solids of less than 0.04 parts per million and a specific conductance of less than 0.10 mho with about 1.2 to 16 parts by volume of Willard Water as prepared in accordance with United States Patent 3,893,943, together with one liter of a gel formulation ingredient containing 10% by weight urea, based on the weight of the gel formulation.
In August, UK-based Purite launched the Select Fusion, a system that can dispense both Type II and ultrapure water (18.2 megohms resistivity) from a single unit.
Suitable for attachment to semi-rigid cable, the BMMA series connectors are designed for DC to 28 GHz applications, provide 50 [ohms] impedance, 675 VRMS dielectric withstanding voltage, 5000 megohms min.
Glass micropipettes were broken to obtain low impedance electrodes (5-20 megohms) when filled with 4% neurobiotin in 2 M NaCl for determining electrode tip locations.
Early detectors were not compensated, with a high (megohms) resistor replacing the centre electrode to cathode in our analogy (Figure 2).
COMPONENTS FOR A MAGNETOMETER (Radio Shack part numbers in parentheses) Item Remarks Magnetic compass Needs to have transparent housing Op-amp integrated LM-741 circuit or equivalent (276-007) Resistor 820 ohms, 1/2 watt (271-022) Resistor 4.7 megohms, 1/4 watt (can use five 1-megohm resistors, 271-1356, in series) Light-emitting diode Infrared type (276-143) Phototransistor Infrared-sensitive NPN type (276-145) Solenoid The coil of a dismantled reed relay (about 20,000 turns of 0.06-mm wire) Rod Made of soft iron, about 50 mm long Potentiometer 10-kilohms, 15-turn type (271-343) Power supply Regulated, +15 and -15 volts DC, 100 milliamperes Circuit board (276-147) Sheets of acrylic Ideally 8 mm thick for rigidity
They provide greater than 5,000 megohms of insulation resistance at 500 VDC and exhibit no evidence of dielectric withstanding voltage breakdown when tested in accordance with MIL-STD-1344, Method 3003.
The range in micromhos (microsiemens) is 0.01 to 200,000; megohms is 0.001 to 20.000; dissolved solids/parts per million is 0.1 to 20,000; and salinity is 2.0 to 42.0 (oceanographic units).
* An insulation resistance of 1,000 megohms at 500 VDC.
@ .60) Other Ratings Contact Resistance: 10 milliohms maximum Insulation Resistance: 200 megohms minimum @ 500V DC Dielectric Strength: 1,500V AC minimum for 1 minute minimum Mechanical Life: 30,000 operations minimum Electrical Life: 10,000 operations minimum Nominal Operating Force: 11.77N for maintained & 17.65N for momentary Angle of Throw: 34[degrees]