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a measure of explosive power (of an atomic weapon) equal to that of one million tons of TNT

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one million tons

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spaces more easily would result in a reduction of 23 megatonnes of CO 2
The analyst company says that generating the power required to charge mobile devices will produce 13 megatonnes CO2e (CO2 equivalent) of greenhouse gases per annum by 2019, up from 6.
2] stores, which will lock megatonnes of the gas into naturally-occurring aquifers or depleted gas fields kilometres underground, are expected to be commissioned in the coming years.
This plateau, followed by a slight decline, has been due to China's extraordinarily large rise in coal extraction, from about 600 megatonnes in 1980 to 3.
By 2030, total waste arisings in the Sustainability Turn scenario will only increase by six per cent to 208 megatonnes.
Add megatonnes of lime to the ocean has been suggested to balance the extra acidity.
Accompanying this huge lava output were vigorous fire fountains that pumped tens of megatonnes of sulphur into the atmosphere.
1 megatonnes of CO2 emissions annually by switching to LED lighting technology.
The plant will generate approximately three megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.
5 megatonnes, resulted from the poor storage of 98 containers of arms shipped from Iran and headed to Syria, which were reluctantly confiscated by Cyprus following United Nations sanctions.
By preserving these forests, the project's managers aim to prevent the release of 96 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent into the atmosphere over the next 30 years.
The Renewable Fuel Association (RFA) 2009 Ethanol Industry Outlook estimated that about 25 million megatonnes (Mt), or 27.
This had the effect of weakening Canada's targets by about 32 Megatonnes (Mt).
Nevertheless, the net result is roughly the same as that estimated last year - Environment Canada still expects to exceed Canada's 5-year total Kyoto target by just over 800 megatonnes (Mt) of GHGs.
NWR upgraded its production targets for 2009 to 11 megatonnes of coal and 840 kilotonnes of coke.