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a measure of explosive power (of an atomic weapon) equal to that of one million tons of TNT

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one million tons

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detonate half a dozen high megatonnage nuclear charges in the mesosphere, in an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) strike perhaps not even in American airspace, cooking almost every circuit and semiconductor, rendering the American government blind, deaf, and dumber than it is already, and the country unable to resist the inroads that would surely follow on every front.
The best information is that North Korea now has at most two small atomic bombs--not the megatonnage class that could inflict "hundreds of thousands" of casualties.
Whereas the Soviet series included more than forty monitored atmospheric tests over a period of only sixty days with a total megatonnage larger than the total of all preceding tests of all nations, the United States conducted only nine tests over the remainder of the year with megatonnages of twenty kilotons or below.
megatonnage has declined more than 90 percent, exceeding the decline in the number of delivery vehicles.
All the megatonnage in all our nuclear arsenals yields but one ten-thousandth the power of the 10 km asteroid that might have triggered the Cretaceous mass extinction.
Imagine, as in End Zone, competing liturgies of play-action, pass-run option, sprint-out, aerial game and blitz on the one hand -- or, on the other, selective ordnance, collateral destruction, circular error probability, thermal hurricane, stark deterrence, megatonnage and overkill -- Titans, Spartans and Poseidons.