megaton bomb

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a nuclear weapon with an explosive power equivalent to one million tons of TNT

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Tory prime minister Harold Macmillan pinned the blame on the men on the ground who had actually prevented a tragedy-overlooking the fact that political demand for a megaton bomb (to impress the Yanks) was actually responsible for fuelling the fire.
They include this 'Bad Boy Megaton Bomb', which is described on the manufacturer's website as having 'huge explosive force' designed to 'create maximum destruction in the heavens above.'.
Nevertheless, if it were to hit the Earth, the impact would be roughly equivalent to a 2.4 megaton bomb - enough to flatten a large area but not globally catastrophic, he explained.
Bryan Player, from Solihull, saw the 1.8 megaton bomb - equivalent to two million tonnes of TNT - explode in the skies over Christmas Island from the deck of HMS Messina.
They feared it had a one-in-four chance of striking with the force of a one megaton bomb.
Nearly two years ago, I wrote she was a megaton bomb ticking away under the monarchy.
In the immediate aftermath of that megaton bomb test on scorched Christmas Island 54 years ago, Geoff realised the full horror of nuclear warfare.
The two men, part of the British Nuclear Tests Veterans Association, were among about 22,000 servicemen and 1,000 civilians who witnessed the explosion of an eight megaton bomb on Christmas Island in 1957.
This week Tony looks back four-and-a-half billion years to the biggest cataclysm in the planet's history, when Thea, a planet as big asMars, smashed into the still-molten Earth at 25,000mph and with the force of billions of megaton bombs.