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in non-flowering plants, a sporophyll that bears only megasporangia

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These have been interpreted variously; most commonly, perhaps, as a strobilus composed of a stalk and two megasporophylls, the collars, each bearing an ovule.
megasporophyll lamina with a broad apical spine distinct from the
broader megasporophyll lamina with a distinct, broad apical spine.
ovules and deeply pectinate megasporophyll lamina and by the presence of
megasporophyll of the two Poilane collections held in P.
seedling pinnae and by its narrower megasporophyll apex with shorter
Loureiro's description states that the megasporophyll is
specimen and this megasporophyll description has been collected in
within Vietnam by its narrow megasporophyll lamina with short lateral
Megasporophylls peltate with a narrow basal stalk, sterile tip hexagonal
megasporophylls peltate, with a narrow basal stalk, hexagonal with a
3-20 cm diam., densely pubescent or glabrous; megasporophylls arranged
peltate megasporophylls, and these genera have all been included in
long-attenuate or long-acuminate at the apex; its megasporophylls, with
Megasporophylls 40-60, tightly grouped, 8-13 cm long, densely yellowish