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larger of the two types of spore produced in heterosporous plants


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The functional megaspore undergoes three successive mitoses resulting in the formation of an 8- nucleate embryo sac of the Polygonum type.
Regnellidium diphyllum megaspore germination occurred under all concentrations of lead nitrate (Pb[(N[O.sub.3]).sub.2]) and in the control condition.
This single haploid megaspore undergoes three consecutive mitotic divisions to produce two, then four, and finally eight haploid nuclei within a single cell in the ovule.
megaspore A haploid spore (N) that will develop into a female gametophyte.
gnemon two to eight megaspore mother cells (megasporocytes) differentiate within each ovule.
The preservation of the parental genotype and chromosome number of accomplished through a process known as "diplosporous" or "generative" apomixis, in which the megaspore mother cell divides mitotically instead of meiotically, producing two unreduced spores that develop into embryos without fertilization.
An archesporial cell in the nucellus tissue would directly develop into a megasporocyte that subsequently formed the megaspore tetrads aftermeiosis.
The different nickel concentrations tested in the present study influenced negatively megaspore germination, formation of sporophytes and sporophytic development of Regnellidium diphyllum.
Within the megasporangium located between the micropyle and nucellus, a megaspore mother cell undergoes meiosis, producing four megaspores.
In angiosperms, a process that may generate such differences within a homozygous line is the unequal division, during meosis of the megaspore mother cells, of cytoplasmic genes among the resulting megaspores.
The inner integument initiates first, and then the outer integument develops into a small protuberance at the megaspore mother cell stage.
He further states that, "Later as the female gametophyte grows, it absorbs most of the inner layer, so that it disappears except as a dry, papery membrane closely applied to the megaspore membrane.
megagametogenesis: Production of megagametes (large gametes) from megaspore in the ovules of angiosperms.
In addition, the megaspore mother cells (MMCs) in ms1ms1 plants were observed to undergo meiotic division without cytokinesis after Telophase II and thus produced multiple nuclei in megagametophytes (Cutter and Bingham, 1977; Kennell and Horner, 1985; Chen and Palmer, 1985; Zhang and Palmer, 1990).