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a very large urban complex (usually involving several cities and towns)

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Tapos sinabi ko [Then I said] where I think I can help is to follow through on the implementation of [the] Pampanga Megalopolis Plan,' she added.
Ngage Media is a 100 % pure play digital operator with 76 large full motion digital screens in 50 locations across the Randstad megalopolis which includes Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague.
KARACHI -- Estimated two million people in Karachi are facing hearing impairment and most of them could not be treated due to lack of facilities and increasing noisy atmosphere in the megalopolis.
The Rangers spokesman said the culprits were arrested in raids conducted in different areas of the megalopolis including Saudabad, Surjani and Baldia Town.
A megalopolis boasting more than 10 million residents will see at least 10 malls built, while cities with a population between 5 million and 10 million will be home to 5 shopping facilities at minimum.
He said the Rangers were taking every possible step to bring peace to the megalopolis. He urged students to launch a social movement for betterment of the city.
Millions of Karachiites travel this way daily and suffer this agony because those who rule us and have ruled Pakistan's biggest city do not realise that this megalopolis must have a comfortable public transport system.
Other chapters trace the transformation from islet to megalopolis, and discovery of the ruins of Templo Mayor.
Typhoon Hato approached closely Hong Kong, literally paralyzing the megalopolis, NOVA informs.
If completed, the North East will have an urban sprawl extending from Morpeth/ Ashington via Ponteland and on to Newcastle, then over the Tyne to beyond Gateshead - an area predominately of brick, Tarmac, steel and concrete, with only the occasional greenery to break the monotony - a megalopolis, in effect.
If completed, the North East will have an urban sprawl extending from Morpeth/Ashington via Ponteland to Newcastle and over the Tyne to beyond Gateshead, an area predominantly of brick, tarmac, steel and concrete with only occasional greenery to break the monotony - Megalopolis in effect.
In the course of her adventures, Sophy stumbles through the Dead Wood, lives in the slums of Megalopolis, and works on the perfect False Moon.