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an unusually successful hit with widespread popularity and huge sales (especially a movie or play or recording or novel)

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USA], Sep 11 ( ANI ): Angelian Jolie, who is putting the horns back on for an upcoming sequel to the megahit Disney villain origin story 'Maleficent', recently revealed she was initially intimidated by the thought of playing Sleeping Beauty's nemesis.
The release of another megahit title may aggravate polarization of the mobile game market here.
How I Shot the YouTube Megahit All By Myself on my iPhone and Why I'm Not Lonely Anymore
Megahit Bang Bang brought the curtain down on a show that very nearly didn't happen but will certainly be remembered for the right reasons.
TITLE MS Trainor's 2014 megahit All About That Bass was as ubiquitous a single as they get.
At the opposite end of the spectrum comes Idina Menzel - the voice of Elsa in Frozen and the singer of the Disney smash's megahit Let It Go.
Williams' megahit ''Happy'' was released before Grammy eligibility, but the song's live version could nab nominations for record of the year and best pop solo performance.
Instead, animator Kelly Wilson is claiming that the trailer for the megahit movie is infringing on her intellectual property.
The monthly subscription rate of the Viasat Premium HD package is RUB 400, including TV1000 Premium HD, TV1000 Megahit HD, TV1000 Comedy HD, Viasat History/Nature HD, Viasat Golf HD and Viasat Sport HD.
The 35-year-old Mraz hit it big in 2008 with the ukulele-infused, reggae-like, Grammy-nominated megahit single, "I'm Yours.
Not one to disappoint the audience, the band also preformed Earth, Wind and Fire megahit September, pulling the audience on their feet and getting them to dance and singalong.
Based in part on four hours of interviews with his subject, "Mary Wells" chronicles the singer/songwriter's initial fame with the megahit "My Guy" and her early years within the Motown family.
Some might consider it rude when the front row tried to grab her hand and took photos inches from her face while she finished with megahit All Around the World, but she looked nothing but thrilled when the audience roared the song back at her.
ABBAS- Mustan's follow- up to their 2008 megahit Race is sleekly- crafted but it lacks the impact of the first film.
South Korean rapper Psy plans to follow his "Gangnam Style" YouTube megahit with a single called "Gentleman" and a new dance, but is playing coy about everything else ahead of the song's release, which was moved up a day to April 12.