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the female gametophyte produced by the megaspore of a plant that produces both microspore and megaspores

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To our knowledge the ovule is the source of the megagametophyte and the progenitor of the seed (Reiser and Fischer 1993).
2007.Shoot bud differentiation from megagametophyte cultures of Cycas circinalis L.
This cell, the embryo sac, is the mature megagametophyte. The eight nuclei are normally arranged with four at the micropyle end and four at the opposite end of the embryo sac.
Preliminary microscopic examination of methacrylate-embedded ovaries (not shown) indicated that few (3 of 20) contained a complete megagametophyte at anthesis.
Variations of the megagametophyte in the Papilionoidea.
embryo sac: Mature megagametophyte; contains eight haploid nuclei.
Apomixis (i.e., asexual reproduction by seeds) is a common trait in the genus, being apospory (in which a non reduced megagametophyte originates from a somatic cell, usually a nucellar cell) the most frequent type, and diplospory (in which a non reduced megaspore originates from the reproductive cell itself, with the later failing to successfully complete meiosis) only of occasional occurrence (Quarin, 1992).
Both the embryo and the haploid megagametophyte were genotyped to distinguish maternal and paternal alleles in these seeds.
Comparative ovule and megagametophyte development in Hydatellaceae and water lilies reveal a mosaic of features among the earliest angiosperms.
Megagametophyte development in Lotus corniculatus, L.
We used electrophoresis of megagametophyte and embryo pairs to analyze the mating system in two populations, Cerro de la Cruz and Arroyo del Infierno.
The embryos together with the suspensor were carefully dissected from the female gametophyte (megagametophyte) and fixed in a mixture of 50% ethanol, acetic acid and formaldehyde in the ratio of 9:1:1 by volume.
Such paternal environmental effects differ from maternal environmental effects because only the male gametophyte is affected; in contrast, maternal environmental effects may act on any of the maternally derived tissues within a developing seed: the megagametophyte, seed coat, endosperm, embryo, or megasporophyte tissue.
megagametophyte farineacous; embryo with two cotyledons and a coiled