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the death of a million people

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The story we've all heard goes like this: the 19th century elevated the confidence in peace and progress to religious certainty; and the 20th century introduced humanity to the experience of megadeath, which rather unsettled all previous certainties.
This year's lineup includes Hall & Oates, Ringo Starr, Ziggy Marley, MegaDeath, Boston, Willie Nelson, Morissey and others.
Nothing is as jarring as watching a whitetail sneak in to Megadeath ...
The late Amy Winehouse performed one of her last concerts in 2011 while bands including Megadeath, Daughtry, Nickelback, Deep Purple have graced the stage, held until last year at Dubai Festival City.
We could call it "megadeath war," since it would likely lead to millions of people killed.
At 16, Becker paired up with Marty Friedman (future lead guitarist of Megadeath) to form Cacophony, releasing two well-received albums emphasizing technical mastery.
Starting as a cover band, Wyvern played songs from their favourite bands like Metallica, Megadeath, Iron Maiden and Sepultura.
Saturday night saw Metallica play their legendary Black Album in its entirety, while thrash metal pioneers Megadeath took to the main stage yesterday before Ozzy and co brought the house down.
"One guy called Tarek, he has emailed us and said, 'I want to participate, but I want to make sure that we play things like Metallica and Megadeath' and he says 'When it comes to playing guitar, I just want to play metal'," Kelly reveals.
I'm not some kind of monstrous creature who enjoys talking about the spectacle of megadeath, the unprecedented scale of this kind of thing.
In his concluding comments in Too Smart for our Own Good, Dilworth sums up the future of the human race by stating: "Consequently human civilization - primarily Western techno-industrial urban society - will self-destruct, producing massive environmental damage, social chaos and megadeath. We are entering a new dark age, with great dieback.
(50) If we slightly expand the definitional parameters to include lives deliberately taken for politically motivated purposes, Zbigniew Brzezinski calculates that the twentieth century, or the "century of megadeath," has witnessed somewhere between 167 and 175 million killings.
I didn't have the coolest record collection - I was listening to Alice in Chains , Megadeath and Nine Inch Nails.
* * * * * * TRIBUTE band MEGADEATH UK will be playing all the rocking anthems of their almost namesakes at the Forum in Darlington tonight.