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the death of a million people

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Saturday night saw Metallica play their legendary Black Album in its entirety, while thrash metal pioneers Megadeath took to the main stage yesterday before Ozzy and co brought the house down.
I'm not some kind of monstrous creature who enjoys talking about the spectacle of megadeath, the unprecedented scale of this kind of thing.
1) Si el problema se limitara a los discursos, se podria encontrar verosimil que una cancion de cuna se describa como musica violenta, oscura y agresiva o que una cancion de Megadeath se perciba como una sonoridad propicia para el recogimiento espiritual.
In his concluding comments in Too Smart for our Own Good, Dilworth sums up the future of the human race by stating: "Consequently human civilization - primarily Western techno-industrial urban society - will self-destruct, producing massive environmental damage, social chaos and megadeath.
50) If we slightly expand the definitional parameters to include lives deliberately taken for politically motivated purposes, Zbigniew Brzezinski calculates that the twentieth century, or the "century of megadeath," has witnessed somewhere between 167 and 175 million killings.
I didn't have the coolest record collection - I was listening to Alice in Chains , Megadeath and Nine Inch Nails.
TRIBUTE band MEGADEATH UK will be playing all the rocking anthems of their almost namesakes at the Forum in Darlington tonight.
Ao Azzam said, AoPeople like Megadeath are the reason I picked up a guitar in the first place so they are such an influence for me.
Ged Cooke, now 41, has been involved in the music industry since the age of 16 as a roady for bands such as Megadeath and Metallica, and later went on to travel the world and record three albums with his band Atomcraft.
SO now we know why God hasn't stepped in to stop the devastation of Darfur or the megadeath miseries of the Middle East.
The funny thing is that when we play a headline gig, I can see that mix of people in the audience but then it's always a thrill to see those guys wearing the Metallica or Megadeath T-shirts.
Is it discerning the arctic climate of Great Britain once the Gulf Stream vanishes or projecting the megadeath of a nuclear exchange between Islamabad and Delhi?
Anyway, for the record, they first started blasting out a fast, grating version of metal before most others even thought of it, with obvious exceptions being Metallica and Megadeath.
ACID Jazz maestros Jinrai play the Moo Bar, in Russell Street, Leamington, on Sunday while musical mayhem comes from Shamus O'Blivion and the Megadeath Morrismen at The Jailhouse, in Much Park Street, Coventry, tonight.