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Regional studies suggest that the middle part of the Boss Point Formation contains 16 megacycles (Figs.
The crack or cut length, 2c, was measured at regular intervals up to 1.38 Mc (megacycle).
In the NW sector of the Iberian Chain, four megacycles or depositional supersequences, bounded by regional unconformities, have been recognised (Guimera et al., 2004; Salas et al., 2001) and namely: the Late Permian to Triassic Megacycle 1 (Rift cycle 1); the Early to Late Jurassic Megacycle 2 (post-rift stage 1); the Latest Jurassic to Early Cretaceous Megacycle 3 (Rift cycle 2); and the Late Cretaceous Megacycle 4 (post-rift stage 2) (Fig.
Lansing Ray announced that the 98.1 megacycle frequency allocation had been returned to the Federal Communications Commission.
9) can be approximated to a power law of tear energy as given: dC/dN = 1/G [( T - [T.sub.o] ).sup.n]/( [T.sub.1]) (3) where, dC/dN is the cut growth rate (CGR) in cm/Mc, (Mc = megacycle), G is the cut growth constant in Mc/cm, n is the tear energy exponent (no units), T is the tear energy at applied deformation in N/cm, and [T.sub.1] is a statistically determined constant in N/cm.
Picked up at 96.5 megacycles the following: The Japanese government advises the Swedish government that it is willing to accept the Allied surrender ultimatum at Potsdam [released by the United States, England, and China on July 26] provided they can keep their emperor X The Jap government asked that this news be transmitted to United States Great Britain and the Soviet Union.
Bullington, "Radio propagation at frequencies above 30 megacycles," Proceedings of the IRE, vol.
Millman and Kusch (who, like Rabi, would become a Nobel Laureate in 1955), had first measured the cesium resonance frequency at Columbia in 1940, estimating the frequency of the hyperfine transition as 9191.4 megacycles. This was relatively close to the number that would later define the second [9].
The benefits of "local programming" lie at the heart of much FCC regulation: the interference-ridden AM radio band, and allocation of 420 extremely valuable megacycles to UHF television, to name two examples.