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Neutralizing antibodies against the 5 lyssavirus genotypes tested were found in 16 Microchiropteran and 1 Megachiropteran species (Table).
The megachiropteran pineal organ: a comparative morphological and volumetric investigation with special emphasis on the remarkably large pineal of Dobsonia praedatrix.
Also in the exhibit were 19 Egyptian fruit bats (Pteropodidae: Rousettus aegyptiacus), which is one of the few megachiropteran bat species that echolocates (peak frequency = 20-40 kHz [von Herbert 1985 as referenced in Holland et al.
Examples include one megachiropteran (Indian false vampire bat, Megaderma lyra (Subbaraj and Balasingh 1996)), andthree microchiropterans (Jamaican fruit-eating bat, Artibeus jamaicensis, (Morrison 1978)); pond bat, Myotis dasycneme (Voute et al.
Special mention should be made of three sets: MARSIPOBRANCHIATA BASIPARACHROMATIN (17), the longest known, MEGACHIROPTERAN CINEMATOGRAPHER (15) the longest best-mixed (one bigram [ME/EM] shared in reverse), and DOCUMENTARILY UNMALEDICTORY (13), the longest with no common bigram, forward or reversed.
LBV likely co-evolved with its natural megachiropteran host until a genetic stasis had been reached in which the virus-host relationship was in equilibrium.