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Synonyms for megabucks

a large sum of money (especially as pay or profit)

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The megabucks deal is for six unscripted half-hour episodes comically chronicling Posh's adventure, Daily Variety reported.
So, exactly what do you get for you megabucks? Apart from aving the same jeans as a certain Mrs Beckham, Moose co-owner Ben Spence promises they're the perfect gift for anyone "craving the luxury of exclusive star style."
In your article Midwest Megabucks you mention Boone and Crockett scores as applied to bowhunting.
While I'd love to see either or both of them at Goodison Park next season, megabucks pay packets have no place at Everton.
"Environmental organizations are doing their predictable routine, and garnering megabucks from gullible foundations, [aided by] the amen chorus of the New York Times, Washington Post, and even National Geographic and Scientific American.
Megabucks Chelsea fancy Monaco's pounds 8m-rated tricky winger Jerome Rothen
Visitors to the airport can now bet on the state's games, including Instant, Numbers, Megabucks, Mass Cash, Mass Millions and BIG Game Tickets, at the new 24-hour Hudson newsstand in the airport's Terminal E.
For instance, assume that at a Friday lunch, a couple sitting in a restaurant overhear two unknown persons discussing that two large brokerage houses are going to issue a "strong buy" recommendation for Megabucks Inc.
You're misinformed if you think teaching earns megabucks! Most teachers actually enjoy spreading knowledge.
Still, with Viacom's megabucks behind it, the MTV-Showtime channel remains the lavender elephant in the cable box.
Megabucks IV was scripted, shot, edited, and produced by the Mossy Oak Hunting The Country television team.
Or maybe people who have invested megabucks in their important status icons--a BMW or Lexus--don't want to defile their fancy runabouts with things so pedestrian.
Mr Ed Rogich, vice president of Megabucks maker International Game Technology, said: "Right now she's trying to gather her thoughts and discuss things with her family."
Shame on this metropolis of megabucks for not providing an orchestra for all its performances.
Darwin's matchless perceptions and ability to make connections operated magnificently without megabucks. As Henry Fairfield Osborn wrote of Darwin's visit to the Galapogos Islands: "Only five weeks, but five weeks of Darwin's eyes and Darwin's powers of observation and reasoning were equivalent to a whole previous cycle of human thought."