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a unit of information equal to 1000 kilobits or 10^6 (1,000,000) bits

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The fifth package provides 8 megabit, free unlimited download with 10 gigabit, value-added service, 7 free e-mail combat viruses program and unwanted e-mails (spam) with monthly rent of RO99 per month.
Megabit Modems 410F and 420F automatically route all IP data and bridge all other network traffic.
- Additional sales commission incentives for Agent sales representatives who close MegaBit DSL sales to businesses by the end of the year.
Shared or switched 100 megabit Ethernet is installed to servers, which also need 100 megabit per second adapter cards to run faster.
Where businesses once had to jump from a 1.5 Mbps T1 connection to a 45 Mbps T3 connection even if all they wanted was 3 Mbps, Yipes provisions bandwidth on a more granular basis, scaling up megabit by megabit.
Custom-Touch 1T-SRAM compilers will allow designers to create high-performance, low-power, ultra-dense, and high-yielding megabit memory instances in minutes for incorporation in their latest SoC designs.
And that number is ramping up dramatically, with an average of 500 new MegaBit Services customers coming online every day - the equivalent of adding one new customer every 80 seconds during business hours.
Content providers are charged by the megabit, starting at $2,000 per megabit per second, with discounts for volume usage.
Dial-up Internet surfers who have an appetite for speed, but don't require an always-on Internet connection, can now accelerate their online access with a new lower-cost version of U S WEST's MegaBit Services Digital Subscriber Line high- speed Internet access.
A workstation that displays radiological images on a nursing unit, for example, may need its own 10 megabit segment.
But this quarter, it saw a 27% decline in pricing on 64-megabit synchronous DRAMs, only partially offset by per megabit cost reductions it achieved through manufacturing efficiencies.
Dell Computer Corporation (Nasdaq:DELL), Round Rock, Texas, direct computer systems company, is taking orders for the industry's first built-to-order PCs with factory-installed Cisco ADSL modems that will provide immediate high-speed Internet access to customers who use U S WEST !NTERPRISE MegaBit Services (sm).
(Nasdaq: PAIR), Tustin, Calif., has announced that its Avidia(TM) System and Megabit Modems(TM) will be in compliance with the industry's new G.lite standard and has plans to participate with other vendors to accelerate interoperability testing.