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a public facility to meet for open discussion

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Aston University has underlined its position as one of Birmingham's leading meeting places by lifting the lid on its new pounds 2 million conference centre.
He added police first voiced their concerns about the scenic area last year when it was found to be advertised on a gay website as a meeting place.
For more eating and meeting places, head downtown to the Shark Bar (307 Amsterdam Ave., 212-874-8500) and B.
Each grain boundary marks the meeting place of two crystals, oriented so their atoms are usually aligned in different directions.
The funding would be used for improvement of facilities in a new youth cafe and meeting place.
YOUNG people in a Northumberland town are set to get their own meeting place after a new home was found for a youth club.
The chamber, with its traditional wood panelling, leather seats and public balcony, was used for decades as the district council's meeting place, until its abolition last April under town hall reform.
Sue Searle, John Taylor and Angela Smith are just three of the longer-serving members of The Meeting Place, a Christian group which used to be based at Holy Trinity Church in Broadgate, Coventry, but now has a room at the Salvation Army Centre in Upper Well Street.
Just over a year ago Manchester-born Vip opened The Meeting Place on Brunswick Business Park.
Around pounds 1m has been spent on transforming the Gladstone Street building into a sleek luxury bar and meeting place.
I WAS surprised to read that the city council had sanctioned the erection of a religious meeting place on one of the Walsall Road allotments (Mail, July 11).
(There is further homage to Soane in the SCR antechamber designed in 1980 with a shallow saucer dome by the distinguished architectural historian Howard Colvin, a fellow of the college.) The new lunch room is big enough to offer 36 new dining places, and its specially designed furniture can be reconfigured to provide a formal meeting place for senior members of the college.
When a carbon monoxide alarm sounds, everyone in the dwelling should immediately move to a predetermined meeting place that provides a source of fresh air.
And yesterday, as they had a meal in the Marriott Hotel, Mill Lane in Cardiff, they held a minute's silence in remembrance of their favourite meeting place.
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