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a person who is present and participates in a meeting

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"Being a meeter and greeter is a particularly important role as it can save so much time.
Stephen Bann and Michael Meeter (London: Athlone Press, 1987), 7.
London, United Kingdom, May 29, 2013 --( Marketing activities are entrusted to Brian Meeter; Sales activities are to be handed over to Jonathan Gibson.
He was employed by the Newcastle-based Master, Pilots and Seamen of the Corporation of Trinity House, where he worked as a "meeter and greeter".
In a study of 21 patients who received BT ECT for severe MDD, Meeter et al (22) found that memory was stable and possibly improved at 3-month follow-up.
"She was the 'meeter and greeter', who showed me to the dressing room.
Powell admitted helping out in the business by acting as a "meeter and greeter" and retrieving the drugs from their stash ready to hand over.
"If people go to our civic amenity sites," he says, "the first thing they see is a meeter and greeter, who helps them to recycle.
He is "the figurehead of the mall, a diplomat, a banker, and the meeter and greeter for all the customers", all rolled into one.
in prose and meeter (1587)." Wrestling with God: Literature and Theology in the English Renaissance, Essays to Honour Paul Grant Stanwood.
(Remember the good old days when a curry at least came with a portion of rice?) Overall, though, the food was very good and I wouldn't hesitate to rush back to KoolBa - but only if the young meeter and greeter chills out.
Mr Prior works as a "meeter and greeter" at his local B&Q superstore in Wimbledon, southwest London.