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Synonyms for meet

be introduced to


  • be introduced to
  • get to know
  • make the acquaintance of

sports event


meet someone halfway


  • compromise with
  • make a deal with
  • make concessions to
  • reach a compromise with
  • come to an understanding with
  • split the difference with
  • find a happy medium with
  • find the middle ground with
  • go fifty-fifty with

Synonyms for meet

to come up against

to come together face-to-face by arrangement

to be contiguous or next to

to come together

to participate in or partake of personally

to enter into conflict with

to present with a specified reaction

to do or make something equal to

to supply fully or completely

a trial of skill or ability

suitable for a particular person, condition, occasion, or place

Synonyms for meet

get together socially or for a specific purpose

be adjacent or come together

contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle

experience as a reaction

Related Words

undergo or suffer


being precisely fitting and right


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But all those months did not seem to be enough time for the program's proponents to meet halfway with the people it will affect most, the jeepney drivers.
Despite the disagreement between the two remaining name partners of the firm, Korsh said that Harvey and Louis will eventually meet halfway with the help of Donna.
The Minister then called on citizens to meet halfway, despite their regions, religions or denominations.
In this article, we round up some ideas on how couples can meet halfway in terms of bedroom interiors.
A clash of timings sadly means the two can't attend each other's performances, but Insider very much hopes that in the name of seasonal spirit they might meet halfway afterwards for a little mulled wine maybe?
The President had the chance to meet halfway by at least postponing the referendum, which was quite possible under a constitutional decree he issued himself giving the Constituent Assembly (CA) an additional two months period.
Longbridge levelled on the hour mark but Lion hit two more to reach the final where they will meet Halfway or Ceol Castle.
Unfortunately, we were not ready to accept the other, dialogue with him, and meet halfway.
Only when both parties meet halfway will the reduction of sanctions become possible.
They really want to meet halfway," a Ukrainian diplomat told Europolitics, particularly emphasising the change of Germany's position towards a more "balanced approach".
I believe there is a need for the top leaders to make a political decision at some point,'' Aso said, adding the issue will never be resolved unless both parties meet halfway.
William Palmer moved from Sutton Coldfield to south-west London three years ago, so we agree to meet halfway, in Clapham High Street.
rated hurdlers in training and the best over their respective distances of two and three miles - would meet halfway in the two-and-a-half-mile Pricewaterhousecoopers Ascot Hurdle, a race Baracouda has won for the last two seasons.
He'd wanted her to be buried nearby, but soon after that she went back to America, and never returned," he said, before adding: "But it's said their ghosts meet halfway, at Rockall, once a year.
Ellen lives in Hertfordshire and John in Norwich, so they arranged to meet halfway in a cafe in Cambridge.