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Synonyms for meerschaum

a white clayey mineral


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a pipe having a bowl made of meerschaum

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The trivial becomes profound as objects take on huge emotional significance: a Persian lamb cap, a meerschaum pipe, a stamp album.
A Christmas treat if ever there was one as Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson head back in time to 221b Baker Street, London, where it's 1895 and ace detectives wear deerstalker hats and smoke meerschaum pipes.
What is the linguistic connection between a meerschaum pipe and the name of the goddess Aphrodite?
Prayer beads are often made of wood, olive seeds, ivory, amber, tortoise shell, glass, meerschaum, ivory, pearl, coral, coconut, pebble, mother of pearl, jade, and the chalcedony family such as carnelian, agate, and onyx, the latter three being the most famous.
Some other possibilities are a T Meerschaum Pipe, which is a milk-white stone carved into a decorative and elaborately detailed pipe.
In this chapter Nabokov recollects his childhood trips to France and Biarritz and says that his favorite souvenir from that place and time was "something which now seems almost symbolic--a meerschaum penholder with a tiny peephole of crystal in its ornamental part.
As a youth, I remember each summer smoking corn silk and a local weed called "Indian tobacco" in a 25 cent, Missouri Meerschaum corn cob.
had I been a better crystal-gazer, I might have seen a room, people, lights, trees in the rain--a whole period of emigre life for which that ring was to pay" (81); of a meerschaum penholder, he writes, it had "a tiny peephole of crystal" through which "a miraculous photographic view of the bay ...
(72) 'Meerschaum in Spirit of the Times, quoted in Sutton, 'John Brougham, p.
Bicakci uses different materials and gems in his designs such as aquamarine, tourmaline, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, moonstone, citrine, quartz, bone, mammoth bone, ebony wood, mother of pearl, stained glass, ceramics, porcelain and meerschaum. He said that, as long as the materials are genuine and helpful in creating the initially desired look, he is pleased to use any of them in rich combinations.
In this portrait we see a relaxed, lively, rural, middle-class citizen, dressed in shirt, jacket, pants, and long coat, who is wearing a modestly embroidered hat and holding a long, wood-cased meerschaum pipe in his left hand.
Eskisehir is one of the largest industrial centers of Turkey, with several modern industries, producing trucks, home appliances, railway locomotives, figher aircraft engine, agricultural equipment, textiles, brick, cement, chemicals, processed meerschaum and refined sugar.
THIS is a nice antique cheroot holder, with meerschaum end, amber mouth piece and ornate silver mounts, complete with case.
Sometimes on my travels I look at all those commuters stuck in traffic and shaving with their electric razors and wonder how they can stand it." None of Stoute's children is a frustrated trainer, so there isn't some youngster straining at the leash with a Meerschaum in one hand and a pair of moccasins in the other.