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a fitting reward

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Meed thanked them all and "gave them cups of clean gold and pieces of silver, rings with rubies and riches enough.
What a laborer received, he said, was not Meed but just Wages.
Wrong well knew that the complaint was just, but with the help of Meed he won Wit and Wisdom to his side.
There be two manner of Meeds, my Lord, by thy life,
He could have endured poverty, and while this distress had been the meed of his virtue, he gloried in it; but the ingratitude of the Turk and the loss of his beloved Safie were misfortunes more bitter and irreparable.
She was willing to go into the black grave and remain in its blackness forever, to go into the salt vats and let the young men cut her dead flesh to sausage-meat, if--if only she could get her small meed of happiness first.
My thanks, and my congratulations, are equally the meed of Mr Dorrit and of Miss Dorrit.
This new focus on offshore production should be a boost to the continuing economic development of the region," said Julio Armando De Quesada, Head of Corporate and Investment Banking Group, Mashreq, who have signed up as the Official Financier of the MEED Quality Awards for Projects 2013, in association with Ernst & Young; as well as category sponsor for the Mashreq Oil & Gas Project of the Year award.
Airports are currently leading the boost, as tourism continues to be a major growth driver in the region," said Edmund O'Sullivan, chairman, MEED Events, organisers of the annual Arabian World Construction Summit (AWCS).
According to a MEED press release, with an array of industry leaders and
MEED is the acknowledged market-leader in key regional industry-focused events and conferences; delivering expert, up-to-date business intelligence, industry data and research findings.
MEED quoted a local economist as saying: "Because the provinces lack the ability to set taxes, they have no control over their own budgets.
Based on a survey of senior government figures, regional managers of the world's biggest oil companies, academics and other industry experts, the MEED study rated each company on the basis of 10 performance criteria, highlighting their strengths and where they needed to improve.
The value of Botas' annual gas imports was put at US$2,991m, according to MEED of Sept.
This is a clear affirmation that the projects industry throughout the region has regained its robustness, completing projects at a much faster pace following the slowdown in recent years," said Edmund O' Sullivan, the chairman of MEED.