medullary ray

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a sheet of vascular tissue separating the vascular bundles


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With its conspicuous, lustrous medullary rays, the radial or quartersawn surface gives you the best bang for your buck," he said.
By contrast, free ellagic acid occurs in greatest quantities in the medullary rays and the summerwood sections.
The cooperage reports it spent three years developing a system to handle medullary rays in the branches while sawing the wood.
However, in the most severe models damage may extend outwards to the outer stripe and medullary rays and inwards into the papilla, involving S3 segments of the proximal tubules, as well as thin limbs, and collecting ducts, respectively.
The stems pith, medullary rays and cortex are very extensively parenchymatous.
The rich tones of their furniture are achieved by fuming the wood - a process used in the early 1900s by the Arts and Crafts movement - which as well as colouring the oak, accentuates the medullary rays.