medulla oblongata

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lower or hindmost part of the brain

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Brainstem reflex abnormalities suggest that the functional integrity in the lateral caudal pons and lateral medulla oblongata is impaired.
The cranial tomography showed calcifications in both cerebellar hemispheres, cerebral lobes, basal ganglia and posterior medulla oblongata (Figure)
For example, neuronal loss in cerebrum impairs animal's memory [38], neuronal loss in cerebellum can have effect on balance and coordination [40], and neuronal loss in medulla oblongata and spinal cord can affect physical activity of mice [56].
Neurogenic pulmonary edema caused by a medulla oblongata lesion after head trauma.
Positive staining for TFF3 peptide was also detected in the cytoplasm and nucleus of neurons occupying different nuclei of brain and medulla oblongata (Figure 2B).
Intracytoplasmic eosinophilic inclusions (Negri bodies) were observed in neurons of the medulla oblongata.
The me2 meme burrows into the medulla oblongata of susceptible degenerates and sends devious neural signals to their synapses, triggering imitative behavior," he explained ominously.
The medulla oblongata controls breathing, so it's very important," she says.
SURE, COOKING over an open fire is a romantic notion, one that resonates deep in our medulla oblongata.
By regular practice of pranayama respiratory center in medulla oblongata is brought under volition.
1) These nerves emerge in a line from the medulla oblongata and then run at the lateral part of the jugular foramen, where they leave the posterior cranial fossa.
bulbospinal Alexanders (type 2), which primarily has an adult onset with the presence of muscle weakness, hyperreflexia, bulbar or pseudobulbar symptoms, signal abnormalities and atrophy observed in an MRI of the medulla oblongata and upper cervical spinal cord
Patients usually die within two weeks as the amoeba-induced infection consumes the medulla oblongata, cutting off the person's ability to breathe.
The autonomic control of salivation and vomiting are very close to neuronal pools of cardiac autonomic center in the medulla oblongata.