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a white fatty substance that forms a medullary sheath around the axis cylinder of some nerve fibers

lower or hindmost part of the brain

the inner part of an organ or structure in plant or animal

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carminae Branches width: Basal (0.45-) 0.78 (-1.25 mm) Middle (0.42-) 0.85 (-1.20) mm Apical (0.25-) 0.58 (-1.37) mm Branching Irregularly branched, frequently twisted Soralia distribution Scattered throughout the thallus Soralia morphology Great morphological diversity Soredia 50-80 urn Apothecia Not seen Anatomy Variation throughout the thallus Chondroid strands embedded in the medulla not seen Chemistry Variolaric and usnic acids Habitat Sheltered acid rocks 1200-2000 (2500) m Character R.
Extramedullary hematopoiesis (hematopoiesis that occurs outside of the medulla of the bone) is associated with hematological disorders, such as thalassemias, myelofibrosis and other states of ineffective hematopoiesis, and is accompanied by chronic anemia, splenomegaly and marked hyperplasia on bone marrow aspirate.[sup.7] Hematological evaluation of our patient revealed only a mild anemia.
The system's essential components, she explains, are housed in two interconnected locations: (1) deep within the inner ear, adjoining the cochlea; and (2) the medulla, the lower area of the brain, which is situated at the top of the spinal cord.
Medulla spinalis yaralanmasi bireyin tum hayatini pek cok yonden ve genellikle kalici olarak degistiren bir durumdur.
The goal of this study was to inactivate a key brain site involved in opioid analgesia, the rostral ventromedial medulla (RVM), to determine its role in analgesia produced by intraoral sucrose infusion in neonatal rats (ages P10-P13).
Okay, so the catecholamine secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress to stimulate an autonomic nerve action can come in rather handy when you have suffered a heart attack because of a) horrific spread betting losses, b) your partner upping sticks and leaving you or c) a combination of both.
AFTER mystifying Medulla, on which the Icelandic elf dispensed with instruments altogether and gave us rather more of her unpredictable warble than the doctor ordered, Bjork is back in playful mode on an album that's as conventional as she's ever likely to get.
In the center is the medulla, which resembles the marrow in a bone.
The adrenals consist of two distinct parts: the outer cortex and the inner medulla. These two areas are entirely different in their function, their cellular structure, and their embryological origin, so it's odd (at least in terms of our current understanding of the complex gland) that they are "built" into the same structure.
A medieval Latin-English dictionary; based on a set of unpublished 15th century manuscripts, Medulla grammaticae/ Marrow of grammer, kept in the British Museum library.
On the island from which the kakapo were sourced, positive cultures of E rhusiopathiae were obtained from the medulla of the ulna from 10 out of 15 seabird carcasses examined, suggesting that this could be the source of infection for the kakapo.
"Oi still know me central cortexes from me medulla oblongata and the cerebellum.
Tagaq was featured on Bjork's last album, Medulla, and the Icelandic artist returned the favor, performing alongside Tagaq on the song Ancestors, as well as producing the cut.
Known for her instantly recognizable singing voice, on Medulla, Bjork continues to explore that voice as an instrument--in this case, the primary one.