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Synonyms for medlar

small deciduous tree of southern Africa having edible fruit

small deciduous Eurasian tree cultivated for its fruit that resemble crab apples

a South African globular fruit with brown leathery skin and pithy flesh having a sweet-acid taste

crabapple-like fruit used for preserves

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The body products include citrus body cream, a white wine body emulsion, apricot shower gel oil, vitamin E hand cream and medlar fruit body scrub.
Coffey, of Medlar Close, Bristol, was sentenced to 20 months imprisonment.
The new version has additional info on growing historical fruit such as figs, quince, and medlar.
10) On direct microscopic examination of scrapings with 10% KOH typical, thick walled, globe- shaped, sclerotic cells, known as medlar bodies, resembling copper pennies are seen.
In the attractive garden there are lawns, shrubs, mature trees (including tulip, mulberry, medlar, walnut, apple, pear, plum and damson).
Middlesbrough Empire, home of Sugarshack, will host the event's after party, where con-firmed names include Sidney Charles, Josh Butler, Leon Vynehall and Medlar and Ian Blevins.
Gasoline Dance Machine are at Cabaret Voltaire, alongside KRL and Medlar.
Among the atelier's more obscure varieties is a honey made from the medlar blossom, a rare bush the co-owners have found in natural abundance outside of Sidon.
The trees include London plane, honey locust, Korean fir, Atlantic fir, silver lime, laburnum, sweet chestnut, horse chestnut, copper beech, medlar, Himalayan birch, various berry-bearing sorbus and weeping willow.
Moreover, to testify his strong connection with Verga, Lawrence even named his house in Fontana Vecchia, "La Casa del nespolo", or "The Medlar Tree House" in the English translation (Comellini 2009b).
Heritage fruit trees such as quince, medlar or mulberry might also suit, or maybe a tree with an interesting story.
The first film is a neorealist study of the Sicilian fishing community, presented for the most part in the dialect of the region and containing echoes of one of Visconti's favourite novels, I Malavoglia (The House by the Medlar Tree) by Giovanni Verga.
For larger, sheltered gardens look out for mulberries, quince, medlar, sloes and crab apples.
European black pine, Scots pine, oaks, ashes, hornbeams, willows, junipers, tamarisks, hazels, common medlar, and strawberry trees are among the tree species that make up the lake's woodlands, and there are wild boars, fallow deer, roe deer, brown bears, red foxes, jackals and rabbits in the surrounding forests, which makes the lake a prized location for hunters during the season.
In my Jung catalog, a description of a tree called a Medlar seemed to match her description.