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the evacuation of persons (usually by air transportation) to a place where they can receive medical care

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Hawg 56 (the Wingman) had to balance the risks of operating near a thunderstorm with the benefits of coordinating for a medivac and acting as a communication relay, Hawg 55 flight later reduced the risks associated with operating near severe weather by leaving the area when those risks outweighed the operational benefits.
Medivac AI and Medivac ND-AI Emulsion which contains virus AI homolog with field virus, constitute updated vaccine products.
is a unit supply person with a Medivac unit in the 101st Airborne Division.
The Life-Staff[TM] can be used in a variety of settings including ambulances, air medivac units, EMT rescue, fire rescue, emergency department and in-hospital areas such as coronary and intensive care milts, cardiac catheterization labs and organ transplant facilities.
The company will also supply a medivac option capable of holding up to five stretchers.
Following a few incidents or landing difficulties, fire trucks and ambulances were required to be present for all take-offs and landings of medivac flights.
The cost of Medivac (air ambulance) transportation is about $5,000.
He was a medivac pilot who took off in the helicopter one foggy night to save a patient.
to basic combat life saving, and calling in for CAS (close-in air support) and 9 Line Medivac procedures.
Sam Still, 24, was hit in the neck, legs and foot by flying debris and underwent surgery, but was last night on his way home by Medivac.
Samples were collected using a vacuum cleaner with a Medivac dust-sampling head (Medivac Healthcare Ltd.
Experimental drugs, alternative clothing and an occasional medivac chopper were part of the over-the-top crater-festival experience.
When he could not get into the proper position, he radioed for a Medivac helicopter.