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intermediate in size

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According to market intelligence and business consulting firm Access Markets International (AMI), that small to medium-size market is worth chasing.
Observations reveal that IT decision makers in small and medium-size enterprises may not be as tech-savvy as those working in large-size enterprises, as small and medium-size enterprise IT decision makers may have multiple roles (that is, owner and others.
Significantly, more medium-size enterprises have back-up measures in place, compared to small-size enterprises.
Underserved Small and Medium-Size Business Customers Access VoIP Benefits through New VoilEi/Endeavor Freedom Installation Program
1 billion small and medium-size business VoIP market niche is estimated by analysts to see a quadrupling in sales by 2010.
ITSPA is dedicated to helping small and medium-size businesses adopt technology and grow by using local solution providers to solve business challenges.
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