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"The project will help improve people's living conditions in targeted medium-size cities in Bukhara, Namangan and Tashkent regions, and support the Government's goal of regional development."
In Uzbekistan, medium-size cities, with populations of between 50,000 and 100,000 people, are the economic and services backbone of larger urban centers.
Demand for the steam turbines, hydro turbines, compressors, and other small- to medium-size turbomachinery installed in these facilities is also rising.
To satisfy these needs, Yokogawa has augmented its module lineup for Stardom field control node (FCN) autonomous controllers by developing new modules for small- to medium-size turbomachinery and wind power generation applications.
According to market intelligence and business consulting firm Access Markets International (AMI), that small to medium-size market is worth chasing.
The other group is directed toward the needs of small to medium-size businesses.
According to the SBA, PEOs control a 2% market share of the payrolls of small to medium-size companies (those with fewer than 100 employees).
"It's possible [that the cooling caused a major change in Mongolian communities], but I don't think their data are robust enough to tell." In his study of North American mammals, published in the May 1 Science, Alroy found that medium-size tree climbing mammals disappeared in the middle of the Eocene, not at the end of this epoch.
'Personally my kids say 'no' to me a lot more than my staff do, but clearly the UK's small to medium enterprise bosses find it easier to get their kids to turn their computers off than their employees,' said Neil Gould, head of Powergen's business with small and medium-size companies.
Small- and medium-size businesses can gain greater ease of use, reliability and more service and support at competitive prices.
The project will help improve peoples living conditions in targeted medium-size cities in three regions of the country, and support the Governments goal of regional development.
The Head of the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria Ognyan Zlatev announced that an additional EUR 600 M in credit have been provided for small and medium-size enterprises in Bulgaria under a joint project of the European Union, the Bulgarian government and the European Investment Bank.
The message reads that the World Bank-supported project aims to improve infrastructure, public spaces, and municipal services in medium-size cities, starting with Kagan in Bukhara Region, Chartak in Namangan Region, and Yangiyul in Tashkent Region, which have a combined population of 165,000.
Kurant Corporation, a provider of e-business software for organizations that serve the small and medium-size business (SMB) market, has unveiled the next generation of StoreSense, its award-winning e-business software suite.
A new report by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, The Hidden Middle, reveals that with digital now a priority for all businesses, medium-sizes firms must ensure they have the necessary skills and security management in place to handle the change, or risk falling behind competitors.
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