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of a wine that is dry but not extremely dry

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Polish government received a loan from the world bank to finance the cost basin flood protection project oder and vistula intends to use part of the funds from this loan to build two medium-dry polders (active protection) within the basin flood protection project oder and vistula in order to increase the water storage capacity in valley of klodzko valley for the contract 2a.
White): Clean, fresh and fruity medium-dry white with just a hint of sweetness, giving delicious, juicy tropical fruit notes.
95, Ultracomida) displays the trick of seemingly looking like a sweet sherry but is actually medium-dry in the mouth.
Halfpenny Green won bronze awards for its 2006 Halfpenny Green Pink Sparkling, Tom Hill - named after the lane housing its winery, and Penny Black, a medium-dry, carefully selected blended of grapes.
Still or sparkling dry wine or a rose, makes a good aperitif, as does a dry or medium-dry sherry.
Launching a thin varietal means Mateus now offers a full complement of styles through dry, medium-dry and medium within the sub-5 [pounds sterling] sector" added Habert.
100ml (31/2fl oz) medium-dry sherry, such as amontillado
A DRY, easy-drinking wine, it has a soft palate and plenty of fruit, revealing a medium-dry style.
It won two silver awards for Long Acre (a single variety Sch|nburger) and the Halfpenny Green Sparkling (a white English Sparkling made by the traditional Champagne method); and three bronze awards for the 2006 Halfpenny Green Pink Sparkling, Tom Hill (a single variety Huxelrebe) and Penny Black (A medium-dry, carefully selected blended of grapes).
The members of the informal wine producing co-operative met at High Cup Wines, Cumbria, where more than 60 bottles of medium-dry blush wine have been produced from grapes grown last summer in the ancient Kingdom of Northumbria .
Kabinett is the driest (probably medium-dry to a palate used to Sauvignon), then Spatlese, Auslese, Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese, to Eiswein, made from grapes that have frozen to further intensify the sugars.
A medium-dry taste is balanced by some astringency in the aftertaste together with the rum flavour and a warming sensation.
It's a medium-dry white made from 100% bacchus grapes.
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