medium wave

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a radio wave with a wavelength between 100 and 1000 meters (a frequency between 300 kilohertz and 3000 kilohertz)

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The Anderson Thermal Devices fast response medium wave lamps are optimized for exceptional performance in a full range of heating applications.
Shortwave audiences are declining as radio audiences come to rely increasingly on medium wave and FM, and there has been a rapid growth of television and digital media.
It's the same with radio as a lot of medium wave transmissions are going off the air so you have to listen to digital.
Z-Cote LSA provides broad-spectrum protection from long wave UVA rays and medium wave UVB rays by physically scattering, reflecting and absorbing solar radiation.
THANK you for your coverage of the switch off of BBC Radio Merseyside's medium wave transmitters (ECHO, August 21).
Carbon infra-red (CIR) is ideal for applications in the food industry, such as surface browning, as it delivers medium wave, infra-red radiation, which is perfectly suited to evaporating water from products at a very high power density.
Q WHEN I tune my radio to medium wave or long wave I can get French, German and Spanish radio stations.
Which radio station broadcast on 208 metres medium wave in the 1950s?
The station can be picked up in many parts of Ireland on 1368 khz medium wave.
A medium wave infra-red heating system from Heraeus Noblelight of Neston is helping to reduce production times in the moulding of acoustic sound-proofing panels at the Tyne and Wear factory of Faurecia.
Sportsound - on medium wave - will keep listeners updated from 2pm, including coverage of England's match against Northern Ireland at Old Trafford.
Underside heating is provided by two, switchable, 600W medium wave infrared sources.
Energy delivery in the oven comes from an array of 36 medium wave quartz tube infrared heaters with gold reflective backing.
The race will be shown live in Ireland on Network 2 (9pm to 10 pm), while RTE Radio will also cover the final live in a `Night At The Dogs' programme, running from 8pm on 567Khz Medium Wave.
A RADIO mast on the edge of Kenilworth is temporarily transmitting all medium wave radio to the Midlands.
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