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300 to 3000 kilohertz

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Comparisons of Fourier index scores among the groups Lower medium frequency (0.
The low quality steel produced from the soon to be shut medium frequency furnaces, is not exported out of China.
On the whole, cognitive strategies seem to play an important role in learning English language due to its consistent use at medium frequency level.
7 Hz energy supply system with medium frequency transformer and 6,5 kV IGBTs in resonant operation", European Conf.
It adopts COM-Ti membrane vibrating technology, the sound from the headset is hierarchical, the high and medium frequency response is transparent and clear, and excellent sound performance is kept when various styles of music is played.
In general, image has a sparse representation in the known DCT transform domain, and the visual property of human eye determines that the low and medium frequency DCT coefficients are more important than the high frequency ones.
Swiss Re says a contributing factor to the difference is that medium frequency and severity risks are often self-insured by large companies, which might dedicate an entire department to risk strategy, while small companies may have to outsource risk management to brokers or consultants.
Interferential stimulation (IFS) also known as interferential therapy (IFT) is a type of electrical stimulation where two slightly different, medium frequency alternating currents are simultaneously applied to the affected area through electrodes.
The smallest effect of noise level attenuation, just as in low and medium frequency range, was reached while shielding the noise source by the "L90" type barrier.
In each study, participants received six blocks of trials that contained either a pure low frequency list of items, a pure medium frequency list of items, a pure high frequency list of items, or one of three mixed frequency, high variability lists.
11) Although these effects are already well established in the literature for low-frequency current, there are no studies showing the direct effect of medium frequency current in the induction of large or polyarticular muscle relaxation.
Medium frequency currents were given along the course of the spinal nerves to reduce swelling and facilitate blood flow.
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