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deep serious thoughtfulness

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Vet the frantic (probably record-breaking) pace of the first and final movements (9:28, 9:46), offset by the inorganically ostentatious meditativeness of the Adagio (10:18, as against Spacek's 9:55), is merely a framework.
They could easily interweave some of Petrarch's oxymorons with the typically sentimentalist motifs of meditativeness, sorrowful pleasure, a languishing or a dreaming soul and bury them under a mountain of gushing phraseology:
The composer best describes the song's essence, as unfolding "in alternating moods of tempestuousness and meditativeness.
And at least since Francis Picabia's Espagnole a la Cigarette, 1921-22, the female smoker has been an art-historically overdetermined trope, signifying transgressiveness, meditativeness, and autoeroticism.
Moore feels at one with the mosque and eventually with Aziz, who finds her there; she experiences the moon "whose radiance stained with primrose the purple of the surrounding sky" (A Passage to India 29) and the sense of meditativeness, "of kinship with the heavenly bodies, passed into the old woman and out, like water through a tank, leaving a strange freshness behind" (29-30).