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Synonyms for mediocrity

Synonyms for mediocrity

ordinariness as a consequence of being average and not outstanding

a person of second-rate ability or value

References in classic literature ?
Thus the mediocrity of French administration has slowly come about.
Nevertheless, she mistook the quietude of the political thinker and the preoccupation of the intrepid worker for the apathetic torpor of an official broken down by the dulness of routine, vanquished by that most hateful of all miseries, the mediocrity that simply earns a living; and she groaned at being married to a man without energy.
None of us like mediocrity, but we all reverence perfection.
In a society governed by the ethos of mediocrity such as Nigeria, those whose task it is to rationalize and glamourize the mediocrity of the incumbent leadership have only one modus operandi: a sustained assault on excellence in a manner designed to dumb down the collective intelligence of the people.
Summary: Conforming to traditional concepts of age will only serve up mediocrity
This glistening gem rejects obvious ploys to manipulate the viewer as it explores the existential angst of meaningfulness in a world that prizes mediocrity. In a strange way, Gyllenhaal, with her restrained and mannered urbane anxiety, epitomizes this phase of late capitalist post-modernity as it hammers us all into a flat sheet of mediocrity.
Tommy Wright has warned his Saints players that he won't accept mediocrity after their defeat to Hearts.
"You can see the type of MPs and Governors they got out of the mediocrity during the nominations and the general election."
That is how we embrace mediocrity and bid farewell to progress.
She believed Pakistan's entrepreneur sector was taken over by mediocrity saying both factors stop the country from marching towards development.
The editorial 'Cayetano's bluff' (6/1/18) should have been titled 'Cayetano's mediocrity.' I used to admire the guts and gumption of then senator Alan Peter Cayetano, who always asked the toughest questions and went for the jugular in any Senate committee investigation on corruption in high places.
[US], Mar 12 (ANI): Taking a swipe at the Hollywood, Veteran actress Susan Sarandon said that it is 'mediocrity' which is rewarded in the industry.
He said German football cannot settle for 'mediocrity' after the Bundesliga teams' failures in Europe this season.The chief executive of the DFL, Christian Seifert, launched a stinging attack of the Bundesliga on Tuesday, claiming teams have fallen short of the levels expected of them in European competition.
Reading fans were left frustrated by Saturday afternoon's 2-0 loss at Ipswich Town, a result which many supporters took as a sign that of their team's mid-table mediocrity.
Perhaps he has not noticed that the public service is run by powerful unions, which have imposed a culture of mediocrity. Unions shun honest evaluations of workers that lead to meritocracy because this would limit their power, making workers less dependent on them.