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Synonyms for mediocrity

Synonyms for mediocrity

ordinariness as a consequence of being average and not outstanding

a person of second-rate ability or value

References in classic literature ?
Thus the mediocrity of French administration has slowly come about.
Nevertheless, she mistook the quietude of the political thinker and the preoccupation of the intrepid worker for the apathetic torpor of an official broken down by the dulness of routine, vanquished by that most hateful of all miseries, the mediocrity that simply earns a living; and she groaned at being married to a man without energy.
None of us like mediocrity, but we all reverence perfection.
That is a problem that runs across all government entities, and the failure to invest in education once again comes home to roost, and the culture of mediocrity runs from top to bottom and side to side.
With these conditions, it can never be our claim to be satisfied with mediocrity," he added.
It was business as usual at the POC, which next made a startling announcement that it would prevent mediocrity in the national campaign for this year's Asian Games in Indonesia.
Summary: The Bollywood actor says the concept leads to mediocrity
Perhaps he has not noticed that the public service is run by powerful unions, which have imposed a culture of mediocrity.
Why, when so many in the region are promoting improvement, progress and positivity, there are myopic planners within the Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust wishing to drag the area down into a second division of medical mediocrity - a sort of 'Northern Poorhouse'?
PRIOR to the start of the current soccer season at Newcastle United I wrote to this newspaper stating that I anticipated a "season of mediocrity, under-performance and the same tired excuses".
It's called mediocrity and breeds from prolonged exposure to the term "bassita.
There is no room for mediocrity in Jesus' ministerial sequela, the kind of mediocrity that always leads to using God's holy people to one's advantage.
On the other hand, some sections of the judiciary may well strike down quotas as being protective of mediocrity and thus impairing administrative efficiency guaranteed by Article 335 of the constitution.
Death's following; mediocrity, dirtiness, adulthood, literature.
The lesson of Mid Staffs is surely that we need to understand why they fail in the first place - which means tackling mediocrity and low expectations before they turn into failure and tragedy.