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a Native American shaman

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Encouraged by the medicine man Blue Horse, and using skills honed as a top British journalist, Langley began to keep a detailed diary of the extraordinary events he witnessed in the company of this powerful American Indian medicine man.
Denver Consulting Group is a subsidiary of Medicine Man Technologies (OTCQB:MDCL).
The closing of this transaction is subject Medicine Man Technologies' completion of its due diligence efforts.
Medicine Man Technologies provides cultivation guidance to underperforming businesses in exchange for compensation related to the improvement factor, as well as cost containment for clients.
Paul Dickman, CFO added "Working with the Medicine Man Team has been enlightening as well as enjoyable for me in that we have real income and profits that should drive our valuation as we enter the public market space.
Hansen must plunge the depths of his own soul and the meaning of family ties before he can encounter the medicine man in a dream that reveals the secret at the heart of the mystery.
Set in 1995, Doc Holliday lies on his deathbed - but Apache medicine man Geronimo need him and he must navigate dangerous political waters and the white man's world in order to get what he wants.
Felixia, a transgendered granddaughter of the local Medicine Man, suffers from similar tensions; her desires for acceptance push her outside of the reservation, but we're not sure at what cost.
In one dispensary, Medicine Man Denver, recreational customers are being charged $45 for an eighth of an ounce, while medicinal customers pay $25.
The findings echo the 1992 Sean Connery film Medicine Man, where a cure for cancer comes from ants.
It gets into swing in the town centre on Sunday August 18, and the band will join 15 other acts, including Hollie Aires, Dirty Pool, Liquid Insanity, James Herring, Nurse Roberts and the Medicine Man, Rochelle, Stonefire and Me and My Shadow.
Medicine man Rolling Thunder was a healer, a visionary, and an advocate for environmental change.
Holy Man," Jennifer Jessum and Simon Joseph's film about a revered Lakota medicine man wrongfully sentenced to almost 25 years without parole for allegedly molesting his grandchildren, builds very slowly, as the full extent of this miscarriage of justice and its place within an ongoing context of persecution are only gradually revealed.
Political greats are included with, among others, an artist, singer, baseballer, a Sioux medicine man and perhaps the most well known sight impaired female of all, Helen Keller.
There was a lull as Eliza entertained the crowd with a pared down cover of Bruno Mars' Grenade before Medicine Man provided a sparkling finale.
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