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a Native American shaman

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His 1998 book, The Lakota Ritual of the Sweat Lodge, describes an Indian who set himself up as a medicine man: "This man used to bring a lot of New Age people around.
Manufacturers Schering and mobile pharmacy Medicine Man have joined together to provide the drug, on sale for pounds 19.99.
Take Hurston's encounter with a maroon "medicine man," for instance, which forms a "conclusion" to her visit with the maroon society at Accompong.
Anytime someone stands before you and claims to be a medicine man, do not believe him or anything he says, because he or she has desecrated their oath of humbleness.
The medicine man believes the flower's perfume can repel malevolent beings that cause human illness.
Joe Leaphorn, the experienced detective, and Jim Chee, the apprentice medicine man and fellow member of the Navajo Tribal Police Force, use their knowledge of the people and the reservation to solve crimes, usually murder.
After all, the presumably best braves of their tribe have been soundly clobbered three times in a row now, twice by the California medicine man and once by a fellow who acts and orates like an escapee from Watership Down.
At the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference on Thursday, Ira Weinstein, a partner at CohnReznick; consultant Coleman Young Jr.; and Ken Bryant, owner of Medicine Man of Ann Arbor and member of the Michigan Regulatory Agency's social equity advisory board, sat down for a panel discussion on how companies can embrace this idea and even utilize it as a competitive advantage.
14 June 2019 - Colorado, US-based cannabis operator Medicine Man Technologies, Inc.
The book includes an in-depth profile of a Navajo medicine man and further interviews with five healers who offer insight on contemporary religious and healing practices among the Navajo.
Edward Stanley's account of his adventures in Canada include killing a bear with an axe, being saved from death by a medicine man and beating the Sioux River rapids.
The local nganga or medicine man opens the twins' eyes to the panoply of plants and barks which he uses to treat everything from malaria to impotence.
Convicted fraudster Peter Foster, a former friend of the Blairs, says self-styled medicine man Jack Temple treated the tot and also insists the Prime Minister consented to his methods.
Tom meets a strange medicine man, Samuel Wolflegs, who tells Tom he is a "Finder." He tells Tom that he has a gift and that before he can solve the mystery of his identity and find home, Tom must first find Samuel's runaway son, Daniel.
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