medicine chest

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cabinet that holds medicines and toiletries

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Upon closing, CVS/pharmacy will operate and re-name nine of the acquired locations and relocate ten other Medicine Chest pharmacies into nearby existing CVS/pharmacy locations.
It's hard to imagine the shelves on the nation's medicine chest replenishing any time soon.
My favorite tinctures to have on hand in the family medicine chest include the renowned immune tonic echinacea, as well as St.
At a society party when the father of a friend is choking to death Lilly steps up to the plate obtains a "probang" from the house medicine chest and uses the flexible tube to dislodge a peppermint that is stuck in the man's throat.
The toothache remedy years ago was oil of cloves and we had some in the medicine chest at home; thinking it would be like clove balls I once put some on my tongue.
The previous record was pounds 9,652,000 for medicine chest Lullaby Spring, sold at Sotheby's London last year.
A medicine chest shall be kept at the house of each Indian Agent for the use and benefit of the Indians at the direction of such agent.
A handbag, credit cards, medicine chest, and a purse, which were stolen after raiders gained entry to a Rugby home through an unlocked door.
A large wooden medicine chest for seafarers contains glass medicine bottles, pestle and mortar and scales.
From filling a medicine chest with marbles to catch that snoopy party attendee to pre-cracking liquor bottles before a celebration--especially at a wake--it holds many hilarious moments spiced with the author's wonderful style.
Bianca had smoked pot, popped pills, drunk vodka and beer and pilfered over-the-counter drugs from her family's medicine chest.
The no-nonsense title of Tanya Pollard's Drugs and Theater in Early Modern England led me at first glance to imagine a dry tome cataloguing and exploring the medicine chest of the Renaissance English stage.
2 Back out the screws in the sides of the medicine chest, tape the doors closed and lift it free from the wall.
Still, band-aids are not a negligible addition to the social medicine chest, and they sometimes enable us to win small victories, especially in local arenas.
And Cryer admits that his roommates removed the medicine chest from their bathroom to give them "quick access" to the girls' room next door.