medicine chest

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cabinet that holds medicines and toiletries

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Ship's medicine chest, acquired from the Receiver of Wreck, 1992
Upon closing, CVS/pharmacy will operate and re-name nine of the acquired locations and relocate ten other Medicine Chest pharmacies into nearby existing CVS/pharmacy locations.
The property's location in Morris County is home to the largest concentration of corporate headquarters in New Jersey and is often referred to as the "Nation's Medicine Chest" due to its large concentration of pharmaceutical companies.
There are many more products in his medicine chest. He has about five different types of acne medicine, though frankly I do not see much of a problem with acne on his race.
With his compound from the medicine chest of the Mapuche people, Holler can lower the MIC value by at least eight times:
But despite the sniffling and throbbing the diligent England Under-21 knows he can't just reach for the medicine chest.
And they should have been entitled to the "medicine chest" benefits and entitled to (post-secondary) education benefits." Merchant estimates a 26-year financial loss, equalling, on average, $60,000 per person who should have been eligible for Indian Status.
After all, the Garden State has long boasted that that it's 'the nation's medicine chest,' thanks to the large number of drug makers within its borders that develop medicines used around the world.
6 Chiefs to support the Medicine Chest Task Force (MCTF) on Indian Control of Indian Health.
My favorite tinctures to have on hand in the family medicine chest include the renowned immune tonic echinacea, as well as St.
At a society party when the father of a friend is choking to death Lilly steps up to the plate obtains a "probang" from the house medicine chest and uses the flexible tube to dislodge a peppermint that is stuck in the man's throat.
The toothache remedy years ago was oil of cloves and we had some in the medicine chest at home; thinking it would be like clove balls I once put some on my tongue.
The previous record was pounds 9,652,000 for medicine chest Lullaby Spring, sold at Sotheby's London last year.
'A medicine chest shall be kept at the house of each Indian Agent for the use and benefit of the Indians at the direction of such agent.'