medicine cabinet

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cabinet that holds medicines and toiletries

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Dr Ogle added: "Now is also a good time to double check that home medicine cabinets are well stocked with over-the-counter remedies so that minor illnesses and injuries can be managed at home.
Feeling ill, having a poorly child or dealing with a minor injury can be unpleasant, and sometimes daunting, but common ailments and injuries can usually be dealt with at home with a well-stocked medicine cabinet.
DisposeRx believes in a safe home, with a goal to stop the nation's opioid epidemic at the home medicine cabinet.
FamilyWize developed the Medicine Cabinet using feedback from its users on a personalized way to manage prescription medication costs and the subsequent discounts provided by the FamilyWize program.
Parents should either lock the medicine cabinet or secure prescription drugs in a location where they are not likely to be found.
She summoned a cheerful young man who explored the medicine cabinet canyon until his sharp eyes spotted a box containing the right model high up on the top shelf.
And if you're unsure of what you should keep at home in your medicine cabinet ask your community pharmacist who will be able to advise.
Having grandkids to stay with me regularly means I tend to give my medicine cabinet a once over roughly every six months, replacing anything that's expired.
I'VE a tiny bathroom with nowhere to store anything, apart from a small medicine cabinet.
Start an autumnal equinox ritual: check your medicine cabinet by September 22 each year.
Many teens' first drug use experience is a no longer needed prescription that was left unused in a medicine cabinet," Derr said.
It's good to clean out the medicine cabinet every six months, so you're not left with a lot of medications," says Mandy Leonard, R.
My own garden medicine cabinet was put to good use this week as a visiting friend unfortunately got stung on her head by one of my bees.
It's also a good idea to go through your medicine cabinet several times a yes ar and safely dispose of medicines that are old or outdated.
In the book's introduction, New York Times columnist Bakalar describes Medicine Cabinet as a "random collection, put together with no more direction than that offered by the author's impulses.