medicine cabinet

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cabinet that holds medicines and toiletries

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The home medicine cabinet is a frequent target of prescription drug abusers and often provides access to prescription medication.
Your local pharmacist can help with a large range of conditions and is well set to help you plan ahead when it comes to medicine cabinets and first aid kits.
DisposeRx believes in a safe home, with a goal to stop the nation's opioid epidemic at the home medicine cabinet. DisposeRx has developed both a first in class product as well as a local and regional outreach program, where community investment and partners are provided self-sustaining grass roots implementation.
FamilyWize has released the Medicine Cabinet, the next evolution of its Drug Price Lookup Tool.
Before you get caught up in the Christmas rush, restock your medicine cabinet in preparation for common winter ailments such as a cold or flu-like illness, and stomach upsets.
A teenager may take a prescription drug such as a painkiller from the medicine cabinet, then go to a party and combine that with alcohol.
Dustin Rudolph; THE EMPTY MEDICINE CABINET; Pursue A Healthy You, LLC (Nonfiction: Health & Fitness) 16.95 ISBN: 9780991549016
A medicine cabinet is a storage area for medicines and hygiene products.
Now in its updated second edition, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet is an award-winning guide to nontraditional remedies to common health problems.
Some common drugs in your medicine cabinet can also ease Fido's minor aliments: Problem: Temporary pain and soreness Treatment: Aspirin Approximate dose: 81 mg (1 baby aspirin) for 10-to-30 [b dogs and 325 mg (1 regular aspirin) for 50-to-100 [b ones, one or two times daily with food.
As we prepare for the end of antibiotics, this comprehensive guide is a must-have in every family's medicine cabinet.
"A well stocked medicine cabinet can deal with many minor ailments and injuries and your local high street pharmacist is a good source of advice on illnesses and the right medicines."
Unable to connect with her emotionally distant father and overshadowed by the charming older sister that her mother clearly prefers, the young Michele decides that the only way to deal with her grandfather's recent death is to take all the pills in the medicine cabinet and join him, leaving her family behind.
If you develop high blood pressure, and your doctor is unable to identify the underlying cause, you may want to look inside your medicine cabinet: One of your medications may be responsible, reports a study in the January 2012 issue of the American Journal of Medicine.
My wife's bedside cabinet is stuffed with it, my airing cupboard is choked with it and the medicine cabinet is overflowing with it.