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Synonyms for medicinal

Synonyms for medicinal

having the properties of medicine


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Traditional Medicinals provides product innovation for health-conscious consumers seeking reliable natural alternatives," asserts Blinoff.
Traditional Medicinals has a number of herbal products that provide self-care solutions for such nonserious conditions as occasional constipation, nervousness and sleeplessness, minor seasonal conditions, and women's health issues.
Planting a woodland garden will help save endangered medicinal plants and will create a unique medicinal herb garden for your family and friends.
If only for this reason, we should be encouraging the cultivation of Hydrastis canadensis and other native medicinal plants in an effort to bring them back in bountiful numbers throughout the Southern Appalachian Mountains, their native habitat.
gov/plants; Traditional Medicinals, (800) 543-4372, www.
Welcome to the commercial traffic in medicinal plants, a booming industry that boasts millions of dollars in sales per year in the U.
We are a company dedicated to sharing the natural wellness potential of plants from around the world," said Blair Kellison, Chief Executive Officer of Traditional Medicinals.
Whether you're an experienced gardener or just getting started, there are some medicinals that are so easy to grow that they are almost guaranteed to be a success.
In India, 120 plants fit that category according to one count, and 35 of them are said to be important medicinals.
The search for new natural sources of medicinal substances will focus not only on world plants, fungi, and other natural substances, but an intense investigation into traditional medicinals and historic therapeutics.
Not only have the Good Earth(R) Medicinals(TM) traditional formulas been subject to this rigorous regulatory oversight for many years, but both the ingredient supplier and the packaging facility for Good Earth(R) Medicinals(TM) hold pharmaceutical licenses certifying their worthiness to manufacture medicinal herbal products.
Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford is gaining insight from world leaders in medicinal cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution to help ensure the success of this new and emerging industry in Victoria.
Global climate change could ultimately lead to losses of key medicinal and aromatic plant species, according to researchers and conservationists whose findings are reported in HerbalGram, the quarterly journal of the American Botanical Council (ABC).