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Synonyms for medicinal

Synonyms for medicinal

having the properties of medicine


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Every day we hear from patients that have transformed their lives and ended reliance on pharmaceuticals with the help of our products," said Nicole Smith, CEO of Mary's Medicinals.
In just two years, Mary's Medicinals has established itself as one of the most trusted and innovative producers of canna-based products in Colorado, California and Washington.
Planting a woodland garden will help save endangered medicinal plants and will create a unique medicinal herb garden for your family and friends.
If only for this reason, we should be encouraging the cultivation of Hydrastis canadensis and other native medicinal plants in an effort to bring them back in bountiful numbers throughout the Southern Appalachian Mountains, their native habitat.
gov/plants; Traditional Medicinals, (800) 543-4372, www.
We are a company dedicated to sharing the natural wellness potential of plants from around the world," said Blair Kellison, Chief Executive Officer of Traditional Medicinals.
Traditional Medicinals, one of the original pioneers in the Natural Products Industry, was founded on guiding principles that running a business requires taking care of the land and the people who grow and collect the herbs used in their products.
We are very lucky at this time in history that there is so much information available to the home gardener concerning the cultivation and use of medicinal herbs.
Medicinal & Botanical Manufacturing Industry Report" report to their offering.
We're proud to bring our expertise to help forward thinking organizations like Traditional Medicinals achieve their ambitious clean energy goals.
com/research/8bb6be/2009_worldwide_med) has announced the addition of the "2009 Worldwide Medicinal & Botanical Manufacturing Industry Report" report to their offering.
Keeping pace with consumers' growing interest in natural methods for self-care, Traditional Medicinals introduces four new great tasting additions to its existing line of medicinal teas: Organic Echinacea Elder(TM), Organic Golden Ginger(TM), Organic Roasted Green Tea(TM), and Organic Everyday Green Tea(TM).
Not only have the Good Earth(R) Medicinals(TM) traditional formulas been subject to this rigorous regulatory oversight for many years, but both the ingredient supplier and the packaging facility for Good Earth(R) Medicinals(TM) hold pharmaceutical licenses certifying their worthiness to manufacture medicinal herbal products.
Global climate change could ultimately lead to losses of key medicinal and aromatic plant species, according to researchers and conservationists whose findings are reported in HerbalGram, the quarterly journal of the American Botanical Council (ABC).