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having the properties of medicine


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Medicative Administration of SOD-CHS-CAT Is Effective against Oxidative Stress
The absence of differences between AP and HR in control and experimental rats during the neurological stage of oxidative damage development substantiates the actuality of studying medicative activity of SOD-CHS-CAT, implying an intravenous injection of the conjugate 20 min after, but not before, LPS (Figure 3(b)), thus bypassing the neurological stage.
Medicative prayer, hope, adult attachment, and forgiveness: A proposed model.
The prosecution said the medical review report showed that the girl was diagnosed as brain dead and accordingly the treatment, including the life support, was ceased, although such medicative procedures were inconsistent with the medical standards around the world regarding a brain dead.
Why do we match the persistent vegetative state with what we frankly should call the persistent medicative state-a relentless use of artificial nourishment and other treatments to perpetuate unconscious existence?