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Synonyms for medicate

to administer or add a drug to

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Synonyms for medicate

impregnate with a medicinal substance

treat medicinally, treat with medicine

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We would advise you check out thoroughly and think very carefully about the implications of offering the medicating side of things as you are not a fully qualified vet.
"One of the biggest stumbling blocks for cat owners is the mindset with which they approach medicating their cats," explains Jodi Korich, DVM, the director of Partners in Animal Health at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine.
"If the cat associates [the stress of] medicating with using the litter box, it may start avoiding the box and will find another place, such as behind the couch, to eliminate," she explains.
Think of medicating this child or I will do everything in my power to transfer him into a special education program.' So we started him on Ritalin just before the end of his first grade year."
On April 11, 2006, Salvant wrote in his order that forcibly medicating Staley was in the inmate's best interest to prevent his frightening delusions and reduce the threat he posed to himself.
My moodiness is--and has always been--my "self." Perhaps there's some benefit to living with, rather than medicating, my temperament.
As the Food and Drug Administration loosens its hold on prescription drugs, Americans increasingly are medicating themselves with products they buy over the counter.