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  • verb

Synonyms for medicate

to administer or add a drug to

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Synonyms for medicate

impregnate with a medicinal substance

treat medicinally, treat with medicine

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Continuous initiatives by the key players to enhance the product quality through flavor, packaging, functionality, and others is influencing the growth of the medicated confectionery market.
Medicated Fitness Supplements Market Current Trends/Issues/Challenges
Caption: Medicated chick starter, contrary to popular belief, has an anticoccidiostat for medication, not antibiotics.
The company sees growing demand for functional and medicated jelly in the U.S., with jellies are seen by both producers and consumers as an effective carrier for vitamins, supplements and active pharmaceutical ingredients.
In the present study 325 out of 502 (64%) dental patients self medicated for tooth ache and other 35% reportedly self medicated for mouth ulcers, bleeding gums, bad breath and fever etc.
After that stay, Tarrant County state district Judge Wayne Salvant ordered Staley to be forcibly medicated.
Attorneys for Jared Lee Loughner appealed a federal judge's decision that allows him to be forcibly medicated with mind-altering psychotropic drugs.
These drugs can be administered to food animals in the form of "free-choice" medicated feeds (FCMF), where animals choose how much feed to consume.
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the disposition of fluconazole in cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus) after single oral dose administration and to determine if therapeutic plasma concentrations could be safely achieved by providing medicated water.
Tangerine Medicated Anti-Bacterial Lip Balm Smooth Sphere is now available from Eos, a personal care brand.
It is understood that veterinarians still prescribe medicated feed containing antibiotics after consulting the producers themselves, particularily in pig production.
GIS says the market will be primarily driven by factors such as the ever increasing number of health conscious individuals, growing number of medicated as well as non-medicated applications for poultry, pig, aquaculture, companion animals and ruminant feed, and focus of market participants on innovative feed additives.
Sinus Dynamics introduces topical medicated nasal irrigation treatment for patients who suffer from upper respiratory inflammation and infection.