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Synonyms for surveillance

Synonyms for surveillance

the act of carefully watching

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close observation of a person or group (usually by the police)

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Employers are required to comply with all obligations of the standard, with the exception of the action level trigger for medical surveillance, by June 23,2018.
Medical surveillance must be made available to employees exposed to silica at or above the PEL for 30 or more days per year, effective June 23,2018; and to employees exposed to silica at or above the action level for 30 or more days per year, effective June 23, 2020.
10) The Joint Medical Workstation (JMeWS), an element of TMIP fielded in January 2003, provided online, near real-time medical surveillance and analysis derived from patient records and DNBI reports.
The partnership with AFC/Doctors Express franchises also allows Infiniti HR clients discounted arrangements for many occupational requirements including pre-employment exams, DOT/Non-DOT drug and alcohol testing, immunizations and vaccines and medical surveillance solutions.
The action level is the standard's trigger for increased industrial hygiene monitoring and initiation of worker medical surveillance.
The 756-page NPRM includes separate standards for general industry and construction, detailing for both sectors widely used methods to control worker exposure, conduct medical surveillance, train workers about silica-related hazards and record compliance measures.
The business offers services from basic medical surveillance to meet statutory obligations through to advising on employee absence and risk assessment.
He has been under isolation and medical surveillance at a hospital in Douai in northern France since April 23, and is receiving respiratory assistance and blood transfusions.
Finally, NIOSH, in order to detect changes in the health status of health care workers handling hazardous drugs, recommends that employers establish a medical surveillance program to protect these workers.
Personnel who are assigned duties involving opening, mixing, or applying coating materials haven't received pre-placement training, periodic medical surveillance evaluations, and respirator fit testing/use as recommended by the industrial hygienist.
Surprisingly, their canine colleagues have had minimal setbacks, according to the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine 9/11 Medical Surveillance study.
Data from 10 years of military medical surveillance data showed that active-duty U.
These records are routinely transmitted to the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center and integrated into the Defense Medical Surveillance System.
These are foods for infants and young children as well as for patients under medical surveillance.
What happens there is what we call compliance screening, medical surveillance.
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