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On reverting to the Pakistan Armed Forces he served in many major hospitals as a senior medical specialist.
While the key drivers of job satisfaction, retention and the general health of medical professionals have been extensively studied in previous research, it is unclear if these work characteristics are also important for medical specialists.
G Ghulam Muhammad who got senior-most medical specialist appointed from Armed Forces as his official personal physician.
The Andrews Labor Government is better connecting patients across rural Victoria with top medical specialists via the internet thanks to a $5 million investment in telehealth to improve access to health care.
determining the object and the size or scope of the order: Gradual (implemented in stages) the supply of the following materials and reagents for the needs of the Military Medical Specialist Clinic Medical SPZOZ in Szczecinek: 1) clinic gynecologist (1.
After reviewing his medical reports and consulting the local treating doctor in Dongguan, International SOS doctors recommended that the patient be evacuated home on an air ambulance, escorted by medical specialists to ensure that the patient's medical condition remain stable throughout the flight.
One (1) medical specialist in pediatrics of 06 hours for the comprehensive unit affiliation, accreditation of rights and chimaltenango drug dispatch
If the suspect collapsed, the dispatcher would see it happen and could quickly use the server console to locate the medical specialist also equipped with a console.
consumers who had seen a general practitioner or medical specialist in the past 10 years to ascertain their beliefs and concerns regarding implementing electronic medical records.
The most stress and harassment in the workplace is among the teachers, followed by medical specialists and journalists.
KARACHI -- Medical specialists have underlined the need of widespread screening for diabetes in the country to check the growing incidence of this metabolic disorder.
Medical specialists from the Hospital Authority and the DH also provide consultation and treatment to persons in custody concerned on a regular basis at correctional facilities.
M2 PHARMA-March 18, 2015-Cannigistics Agri-Solutions signs memorandum of understanding with Canadian medical specialists
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 18, 2015-Cannigistics Agri-Solutions signs memorandum of understanding with Canadian medical specialists
Summary: Vital educational courses are being offered to the region's junior doctors and trainee medical specialists in the Capital in January.
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