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a scientist who studies disease processes

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The region is in need of a major 'innovation' shake up, according to one of Saudi Arabia's top medical scientists.
He has assumed the role of CloudMedx Senior Medical Scientist.
Paul Farmer, medical scientist and infectious disease expert, begins with Kidder's recounting how he met Farmer in Haiti by accident.
He was a medical scientist and a heart specialist, occasionally consulted by the royal family.
Some of these include increasing early exposure to research at the medical school level, initiating medical scientist training programs, fostering research in sub-specialty fellowships and developing essential Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and other non-for-profit clinician-scientist awards.
"A few days ago, a friend of mine, a medical scientist and physician in a Swedish hospital, received an astounding offer in her email box.
It is distributed in the UK by JRBiomedical and will be sold through high street chain Boots Dr John Rees, medical scientist and founder of JRBiomedical, said: "Re-introducing beta glucan into our diets primes our immune system, making it better equipped to fight common and mutating viruses like colds and flu.
Peter, world renowned medical scientist and founder of Specialty Laboratories, died of complications from cancer Friday, Oct.
"Far From Beyond" is a thriller following the successful medical scientist David, who has found he has an extra chromosome, creating a growth in his brain that will soon kill him.
A medical scientist, Wo was arrested in 2005 and convicted last year of spying for Taiwan, which Beijing views as a renegade province that should be reintegrated into the motherland, by force if necessary.
He is a graduate of the Medical Scientist Training Program at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.
Medical Scientist Training Program Trainee, University of Washington
as part of the Medical Scientist Training Program at Virginia Commonwealth University's Medical College of Virginia Campus in Richmond.
"These multi-billion dollar corporations underestimated the savvy and determination of Mendocino County voters," says Els Cooperrider of Ukiah, a retired medical scientist and Ukiah business owner who helped spearhead the citizen-led initiative.
Pretorius is a principal specialist medical scientist and lecturer at the National Health Laboratory Services, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa.
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