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a scientist who studies disease processes

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I want to become a medical scientist for my sister.
Dr Elliott, a renowned medical scientist, had originally gained approval from the committee for the research, but when alterations were made he side-stepped the legal procedure and forged letters claiming it had been approved by the committee.
LAUGHTER really is the best medicine, worth more than all your pills and potions, according to an American medical scientist.
All ten jobs are from three specific fields - technical, medical and education - and includes the following careers: (1) network systems and data communications analyst, (2) physician's assistant, (3) computer software engineer, applications, (4) computer software engineer, systems software, (5) network and computer systems administrator, (6) database administrator (7) physical therapist, (8) medical scientist, (9) occupational therapist, and (10) college instructor.
It was a life saver for the 56-year-old Brit - which is no surprise to medical scientist and explorer Dr Mike Stroud.
Based on output of cases per medical scientist, there was a 31 percent increase in output at 73 percent conversion to the ThinPrep Pap Test.
Jinsheng (Jimmy) Li, PhD, MD, Medeikon's new Senior Medical Scientist, brings a wealth of experience to his important role, which includes conducting pre-clinical and clinical experiments.
So I think this new graduate program will complement the Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD program) to set Stanford up nicely to be a leader in this area.
Their older son, Aadil, is a junior at Stevenson High School and a budding medical scientist.
Gabrielle, 33, an NHS medical scientist, from Hertfordshire, said: "If Elijah has a chance after being clinically dead and brought back to life and he's doing so well, then Charlie has a chance too .
He was the original medical scientist who helped the team adapt Watson to healthcare.
ISLAMABAD -- Dr Mohammad Abdur Rab, a leading medical scientist, passed away in Canada after protracted illness.
Professor Abrahams said: "As the only clinical anatomist and medical scientist in a team of some of the world's most experienced Renaissance art historians and sculpture experts, it has been an amazing and exciting month of frenzied research.
The king of the one-liner and former medical scientist is appearing at the Lawrence Batley Theatre with a mix of observational humour and laugh-out-loud comedy.
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