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the science of dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of disease

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Minister for Defence Khawaja Mohammad Asif moved the bill in the house for establishing the National University of Medical Sciences.
OTCBB: BGES) announced today that it has entered into a cooperative agreement with the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, a leading medical research institute in China, to research and develop a human papillomavirus polyvalent vaccine using prokaryotic expression system.
About The Human Genome Center, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo
openQ, a provider of integrated relationship management solutions, today announced that Jim Zuffoletti, president and co-founder, will address the value and challenge of key opinion leader life cycle management at the Medical Science Liaison Skill Set Training taking place at the Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue in Philadelphia, Penn.
Bayesian Statistical Modelling is ideal for researchers in applied statistics, medical science, public health and the social sciences, who will benefit greatly from the examples and applications featured.
Yannicelli received his PhD in human nutrition/genetics from Ohio State University in 2000 and a master's of Medical Science in clinical nutrition/biochemistry from Emory University School of Medicine in 1985.
The Level 3 Diploma in Medical Science course, equivalent to one A level, will run at Flint High School's "6" sixth form as of September and will be taught by two of the school's expert science teachers.
The company said it had entered into an investment agreement with Furui Medical Science Company Luxembourg, a wholly owned subsidiary of Inner Mongolia Furui Medical Science Co Ltd (FURUI), under which Median Technologies would issue and Furui Medical Science Company Luxembourg would subscribe 1,507,692 new ordinary shares of the company at a price of EUR13.
Through extensive coursework, laboratories with specialized equipment, guest experts, field experiences, and student-directed projects, Shorecrest students in the Center for Medical Sciences will gain exposure to and expertise in a wide range of topics in applied medical science.
TWO Cardiff University neuroscientists have received one of the leading honours in medical science.
They deserve a better deal than the one they are getting from today's medical science.
Hospital bosses hope the proposals, which include a medical science park, 100 new homes and a Tesco supermarket, will receive the thumbs-up from local residents.
Lee Majors' "$6 Million Man" and Lindsey Wagner's "Bionic Woman" wowed TV viewers in the 1970s with the portrayal of the future of medical science.
UNTIL RECENTLY IN human experience, religion and medical science occupied distinct and separate spheres.
5) and the miracles of medical science left me cold.
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