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a report of the results of a medical examination of a patient

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The NAB stated that the medical reports did not suggest a surgery anytime soon and the court had sentenced Nawaz Sharif keeping in view his medical history.
He says based on the medical report that was released by the medical practitioner in charge, Madam Nimely explained that she was shot by police man.
ABU DHABI: The third hearing in the case of the sexual abuse and murder of an 11-year-old boy witnessed some back-and-forth statements by the defendant who initially rubbished the medical reports but later confessed to their accuracy.
When Rodgers sees the medical report again he'll be willing to have another look at the player."
Firstly, attach a detailed and certified medical report, not more than six months old from the health institution where the patient normally goes to for treatment with some personal details and history, and the patients' identification documents.
A JUDGE in Cardiff has called for medical reports on a defendant who keeps collapsing on his way to court.
The prosecutor had requested that Musharraf's medical report should be disregarded and that he should be summoned to the court adding that there was no mention of Musharraf's absence in the report.
In its statement, the ministry said that an yzmir military hospital issued a medical report on Yyldyrym on Nov.
Mohd Yacoub referred to SMC for sickle cell complications in which his medical report indicated that his death was natural and his body was free of injuries.
Fouzia Janahi is now waiting for a medical report stating the health condition of her Bahraini female client.
A SURGEON failed to supply a medical report for a road accident victim because he felt medico-legal cases were an opportunity for lawyers and doctors to make money.
Q We want to get a medical report on an employee who has been off sick for ages.
The medical report, which was signed by a doctor of a private hospital, stated that there was no evidence that Anwar's accuser, Saiful Bukhari Azlan, has been sodomized.
Redditch firm Medical Report Services has merged with Leeds-based medico-legal agency Ewitness to create one of the industry's largest medico-legal reports and rehabilitation services group.
He could face up to seven years in jail but defence barrister Jane Sarginson asked for the case to be adjourned for further investigations, including preparation of a medical report.
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