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the case history of a medical patient as recalled by the patient

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Commenting on SEHA's new Electronic Medical Record system, Pickton said, "This advanced technology enables our medical staff to access unified electronic patient records throughout SEHA facilities through a simple, swift and secure process.
Basheer Al Mehairbi, deputy chief information officer at Seha, said: "Deploying this feature has proved to be a tremendous milestone as it facilitates the process of physicians gaining access to the patients' comprehensive medical record."
This Book/CD-ROM text introduces principles of medical record documentation and explains how to conduct a medical record chart audit in the physician's office or on an outpatient basis.
After taking the time to investigate, I replied that we were documenting everything in our medical record. "We only have one medical record.
For example, many users can access the same record at the same time throughout the health facility; users are not locked out when another user is viewing the medical record; all users have separate logons and there is an audit trail for any viewing or other action on each record.
Each person has the legal right to amend errors found in the medical record. The medical record or designated record set should be amended within 30-90 days of the discovery of the error (Torrey, 2009).
The researchers concluded that post-discharge patient surveys and medical record review are complementary ways to detect adverse hospital events that jeopardize patient safety.
The facts presented, outlining how the plaintiff literally dictated the medical record of her attending physician are almost incredible.
New Jersey's pilot program to study the implementation of secure electronic medical records statewide has received a federal grant of $349,000.
The VA'S industry-leading electronic medical record system has earned the department a prestigious national award in information technology.
Only general hospitals, specialists hospitals and major clinics with good bandwidth will be equipped with the electronic medical record (EMR) system, Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye said.
Currently, patients who visit certain DHA health facilities have their medical records available electronically on Salama EMR system, eliminating the need for manual files and ensuring that if they visit multiple DHA health facilities, they will still have only one unified medical record.
New US research suggests there are discrepancies between a patient's self-reported eye symptoms and what ends up on their medical record.
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