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the body of individuals who are qualified to practice medicine

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He then stressed the need for all health practitioners to work in synergy in order to achieve the objective of the medical profession.
Pharmaceutical trade and industry all over the world sponsors medical conferences, seminars, symposia as well as all other Continuing Medical Education Programmes for the medical profession but they have some principles, clearly laid down guidelines which are implemented in letter and spirit.
"The rapid and multi dimensional invention and innovation has revolutionised the medical profession which has posed gigantic challenge both for faculty members and students to synchronise their capabilities with the new and modern techniques in the multi faceted domain of medical profession," the principal said.
What made doctors unique from other health professionals was the authority to prescribe medication and as a result the medical profession opposed granting prescribing rights to non-medical professionals.
LAHORE:Health Managers Association Punjab General Secretary Dr Haq Nawaz Bharwana has alleged that conspiracies were being hatched to defame the medical profession and health department.Addressing the emergent meeting of the association here on Sunday, Dr Haq Nawaz Bharwana said that in the recent few months, some elements have actively blamed the medical profession and the health department, trying to make the good efforts of the department and medical profession controversial.
The president said rapid changes are taking place in the realm of economy and technology but role of the medical profession remains the same.
More specifically, Matthew Warner Osborn uses delirium tremens to analyze the changing nature of the medical profession in early America, focusing on Philadelphia.
In India, over the last decade, a series of stewardship failures in the health system, particularly in the medical profession, have led to a massive erosion of trust in these institutions.
It became clear to all of us in the audience that the medical profession haven't been properly consulted about the proposals and that very many, perhaps the majority, believe the proposals are flawed.
It is incredible that a group of people with the backing of the Welsh Government are actively pushing the promotion of the Welsh language into the struggling medical profession.
The medical profession should be heavily fined if a clinic or surgery is found to be abusing the system.
"That false reason was so far away from what you knew to be true, that the panel concluded you must have realised at the time that your actions would be considered as dishonest by the ordinary standards of reasonable and honest members of the medical profession."
There is no doubt that a book that clearly sets out the principles of malpractice law would be helpful to the medical profession. The question is--is this the book?
He said that medical profession had produced extraordinary clinicians in past but failed to perform role in getting better professionally skilled teachers.
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