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This value is similar to the incidence rate observed for the winter of 1953 for the general medical practice.
Utilizing patient satisfaction data to assess quality improvement in community-based medical practices. Am J Med Qual 1998;13:188-94.
Two factors helped put Lewis into the driver's seat: a rock-solid knowledge of her market earned through a decade's work in medical practice management, and an unshakable belief that Web technology offers the best way to serve small-practice clients.
This is a good reference book for the accountant and owner of medical practices. More important, it is an excellent resource for the controller of medical practices.
In Part III the author attempts to analyze how medical practice and social values interact; this is by far the shortest section of the book, comprising only thirty-four pages.
A medical practice is arguably one of the most complex and difficult business enterprises to value.
Based on three research studies, this book discusses the meaning of physician competence in medical practice, medical politics, and medical education in the United States in the late 20th century and examines the following questions: How should doctors be trained to attain the highest standards of medical competence, in particular without losing essential "caring" qualities expected by the public?
Is there any evidence that having a medical practice Web site improves the competitiveness of a medical practice?
The first section, "Everyday Medical Ethics: Issues for Everyone," provides an overview of the ethical dilemmas that arise in daily medical practice, discusses physicians' awareness of ethical issues, reviews elements of the patient-doctor relationship, and considers the difficult subjects of confidentiality and obtaining informed consent to treatment.
Rachels' conclusion--that it makes little sense to distinguish between passive and active euthanasia--is even more evident today as medical practice has evolved.
There are three basic ways for CPAs to increase their understanding of the workings of a medical practice:
Further work will yield important insights into early medical practice, he asserts.
12 November 2015 - US-based medical practice management and healthcare technology services provider PracticeMax has acquired Medical Management Corp.
Patients of the Harbottle Medical Practice have just been informed that it is to close!
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