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"It is very curious, this story of the medical man, and my visit, and the happy termination to which I contributed by accident!
"He sat down in amazement, and I lost no time in telling him the medical man's history; and explained that he, with the influence which he possessed over his uncle, might do some good to the poor fellow.
`Not exactly,' said the Medical Man. `There are balloons.'
`But before the balloons, save for spasmodic jumping and the inequalities of the surface, man had no freedom of vertical movement.' `Still they could move a little up and down,' said the Medical Man.
`Don't you think you would attract attention?' said the Medical Man. `Our ancestors had no great tolerance for anachronisms.'
`Some sleight-of-hand trick or other,' said the Medical Man, and Filby tried to tell us about a conjurer he had seen at Burslem; but before he had finished his preface the Time Traveller came back, and Filby's anecdote collapsed.
The Medical Man and the Provincial Mayor watched him in profile from the right, the Psychologist from the left.
The Medical Man got up out of his chair and peered into the thing.
Then, when we had all imitated the action of the Medical Man, he said: `Now I want you clearly to understand that this lever, being pressed over, sends the machine gliding into the future, and this other reverses the motion.
`Look here,' said the Medical Man, `are you in earnest about this?
Clements had sent for medical advice, and hearing that she had hitherto hesitated to do so, from the fear of making their position publicly known in the village, informed her that he was himself a medical man, and that he would go back with her if she pleased, and see what could be done for Anne.
Turnbull came now to meet her; a medical man is the good angel of the troubled house, and Maggie ran toward the kind old friend, whom she remembered as long as she could remember anything, with a trembling, questioning look.
"The missionary, he is a medical man," Oom Sam explained.
Any open assertion of the infinitely superior importance of such a ministry as mine, compared with the ministry of the medical man, would only have provoked the doctor to practise on the human weakness of his patient, and to threaten to throw up the case.
As to my aunt's letter, it simply amounted, poor soul, to this-- that she dare not disobey her medical man.
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