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an advanced student or graduate in medicine gaining supervised practical experience ('houseman' is a British term)

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Determinants of effective medical intern training at a training hospital in North West Province, South Africa.
In India, there is no emphasis on teaching and assessment of clinical communication skill for learners like medical interns working in real work situations.
[2] The fiance of a woman who died as a result of a motor accident caused by a medical intern (who also died), who was tired because of working 'extraordinarily long hours', was going to sue the Department of Health for her death.
Normally, each medical intern is paid about OMR1,100 per month.
Thompson, then a medical intern, would greet this special patient with a hug every time she was re-admitted to the hospital.
The authors would also like to thank Abrar Magrabi, Medical intern for her help during data collection.
Four friends -- a TV reporter (Randeep Hooda), a medical intern (Kangana Ranaut), a software engineer (Neil Bhoopalam) and a mechanic (Angad Bedi) -- form a gang called Ungli (hence the film's title).
As a medical intern in 1981-1982, I cared for some patients with multiple opportunistic infections during a rotation at Bellevue Hospital.
Familiarity with the first is highly recommended for a smooth segue to this story, where a reporter investigating a series of murders is killed in Lo Angeles and in a seemingly-unrelated mystery cross-country, a lovely medical intern vanishes.
There was one ward right at the top, out of the way of a medical intern's rounds, where all those patients went to die and at least I didn't need to worry about a 'resus' in that ward.
We wanted these veteran teachers to intervene, much as an attending physician would intervene with a medical intern. Attending physicians would never let an intern perform a medical procedure incorrectly and debrief after the harm had been done.
Winn earned his doctor of medicine degree from the University of Virginia (1967) and deepened his experience as a physician during an internship in medicine at Tufts-New England Medical Center where he received the Medical Intern Award.
"We hate this book because it is useless," said Moataz Hadad, 25, a medical intern. He added that, like all Libyan students, he was forced to study the book but ridiculed its content.
These guidelines are sometimes exceeded when the proposed insured has a potential for substantially increased future income (e.g., the young medical intern).
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