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Synonyms for mediation

Synonyms for mediation

a negotiation to resolve differences that is conducted by some impartial party

the act of intervening for the purpose of bringing about a settlement

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My voice, although harsh, had nothing terrible in it; I thought, therefore, that if in the absence of his children I could gain the good will and mediation of the old De Lacey, I might by his means be tolerated by my younger protectors.
Mr Rugg had had such ample experience, on the road, of Mr Pancks's being at that present in an irrational state of mind, that he opened his professional mediation by requesting that gentleman to take himself out of the way.
It was a landscape in water colours, of which I had made a present to the superintendent, in acknowledgment of her obliging mediation with the committee on my behalf, and which she had framed and glazed.
And now without redemption all mankind Must have bin lost, adjudg'd to Death and Hell By doom severe, had not the Son of God, In whom the fulness dwels of love divine, His dearest mediation thus renewd.
When Isaac returns successful through your mediation,'' said the Outlaw, ``I swear by Saint Hubert, I will see that he pays thee the money in good silver, or I will reckon with him for it in such sort, he had better have paid twenty such sums.
Satisfied now, that the fate of her brother was sealed, and possibly conscious how well he merited the punishment that was meditated, she no longer thought of mediation.
She was blessedly ready with these mediations between the poor little sinner and the full consequences of her sin.
Many franchisors and franchisees are recognizing the benefits of mediation as a way to minimize legal costs and risk and preserve valued business relationships.
Mediation Advocacy: Representing Clients in Mediation
mediation of unsorted mail transmissions, first class mail,
Therefore, it is season for a retrospect of the past decade of mediation in Scandinavia-how has the development been and where can we improve as we go forward?
Community mediation has been one of the fastest-growing institutional developments in the last five decades.
2) Though many legal scholars have argued that enactment of an evidentiary privilege against disclosure of information learned during a mediation is unnecessary, as confidentiality of such information is protected by contract and by state or federal evidentiary rules, others have reasoned that these methods are insufficient to further the goals of mediated dispute resolution.
The report of the Elder and Guardianship Mediation Project (the 'report') was published in January 2012 and includes a number of materials in support of elder and guardianship mediation in British Columbia ('BC').
Mediation is a negotiation between the parties facilitated by an independent third-party.